Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Out of the Back Seat!

Get Out of the Back Seat!

To be honest, I've never sat in the back seat of a "limo". Maybe one day I'll get the pleasure of doing so on a special occasion, but as of yet I've not done so.

Right now, as it is in my "normal" life I'd still rather drive than ride. Yes, I'm one of those "back seat drivers" that sits in the FRONT seat! But, even besides that, I'd rather drive and be focused on that than to sit idly in the passengers seat.

I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be driven around in the back seat of a limousine. I'm sure there's lots of work that could be done and caught up on during the ride, but I still can't even imagine that.

In today's podcast I tell the story of a guy that worked for one of our presidents and, as a perk of his position, he was driven wherever he wanted to go in the back of a limousine. When this president's term ended he was out of a job and back to "normal life" like the rest of us. He talks about how one of his first days at home when he was ready to go somewhere he went out to the car and automatically climbed into the back seat and waited for someone to drive him. Obviously that didn't happen and he was rudely welcomed back to the "real world".

So, here's the thought process for today...are YOU "sitting in the back seat" waiting for someone to drive you?

What do I mean? Well, let's do a short review of what we've talked about so far this week. On Monday I talked about YOU being in control of what "car" you drove each and every day in regards to either a positive or a negative attitude. Based on which one you chose you would likely notice lot of the same "automobiles" (positive or negative) all around you. You would tend to "see" the same thing that you were "driving". Yesterday I discussed the need for us to be "road ready" for the journey that each of us are on each and every day as we move on toward our goals and dreams. What are YOU doing to prepare?

So, here's the deal for today...when I talk about how important it is for YOU to "drive" your own "automobile" and how important it is to make sure that you are prepared for the journey and the roadblocks that may come along the way then I would hope that each of us would also realize the importance of US doing the actual driving!

GET OUT OF THE BACKSEAT and quit waiting for someone else to do the "driving" for you!

One of the dangers of buying and gathering great information in this area (Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Mike Spillman - snuck that one in there!) is that many tend to gather all of this information and almost expect their lives to automatically take off just from HAVING this information in their possession. They are "sitting in the back seat" waiting for someone else to drive their future!


Is it good to gather this information? Of course it is! That's part of the preparation process that I talked about yesterday! But when will you move beyond the preparation and actually move on to the DOING or the DRIVING?

C'mon...haven't you sat back there long enough - going nowhere - waiting for someone to "drive" for you?

Get out of the back seat and get behind the's YOUR future!

And, as you "drive" be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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