Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Day at the Hospital

I spent most of today at the hospital today. My mother-in-law had surgery yesterday and, due to a crowded room, I sat in the lobby for the most of today and did some “people watching” from my chair as people came and went.
Here’s a brief view of what I observed throughout the course of the day:
1. I watched a young couple load up their newborn and it brought a smile on my face and many warm memories to my mind of the three times that my wife and I brought our sons home from the hospital. The start of a new life and many memories to come for this family.
2. I just saw a teenage couple come in all wrapped up with each other. You know, like each are afraid that the other person can’t stand upright unless THEY hold them up. But now, for me, makes me think if my wife and I tried to walk like that it would be like trying to run in a 3 legged sack race!
3. And now I observe a family gathering and mourning the death of a family member. So sad to see. Today I’ve observed parents taking a newborn home and now the impact of the death of a loved one.
Dare I make this point again? Sure I do – it’s my blog! :)
No need to say any more about that. You do the rest and make it count.
And, as you do, be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

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