Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting Rid of the FAT...NOT So Easy

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Pretty much everyone would agree that, even though it is EASY to put on weight and even "get fat" it is quite a different story when it comes to LOSING that weight and trying to GET and STAY "in shape". (I hear those of you out there that are saying, "Hey, round IS a shape!").
Again, based on what was discussed in the last article, let's get to it and acknowledge the fact that, the longer you take the path of least resistance then the harder it is going to be to make a change and move in the opposite direction! This goes for ANYTHING that has come about by taking this path. The further you go down that path, the further it is back to where you want to be or where you need to be - in ANY area. Make sense?
Let's use this example that I've used several times before - the ship and the jet ski. Both of them can turn around and head in the opposite direction, right? Sure it's right! Which one can do it quicker and with less effort? The jet ski, of course. It's smaller and lighter and can just about "turn on a dime" Now then, on the other hand, that ship is going to take a bit more time and a bit more effort to get it headed back in the opposite direction. Why? Because it is so much larger and heavier. So it is with what we allow to grow larger and larger (not just talking about our belly here, friend!) by taking the path of least resistance.
But don't miss this point: No matter how "big" and "hard" that task may seem - it CAN be done! Yes, it's going to take longer and yes, it's going to take more effort but - let's get real here - how bad do you want it?
Years ago I lost 100 pounds over 13 months and I had a lot of people that wanted to know my "secret" and do what I did to lose that weight and get in shape. But, you know what? Although a lot of people SAID that they wanted to "do whatever it would take", not many were really willing to do so. A lot of people want the RESULTS (this can apply to "success" in many forms) but aren't willing to do what it takes to GET those results.
A mentor that I had in that weight loss business that was part of my "formula for success" was very successful in the business aspect of this company. He said that many people would tell him that they wanted to be where he was in this company and he would ask them - straight out - "But are you willing to do what I have had to do to get here?". Many would automatically say, "Yes!" when, in reality, they were not willing to do those things.
Another gentleman that I knew - a multi-millionaire in an insurance company that I worked with - was well known in this company due to his success. I attended a convention that had several people speak from within the company. When they got on the stage they would begin by telling everyone what they did to accomplish what they had accomplished. When this one particular gentleman got up to speak he said, "I'm not even going to tell you what I did because none of you would be willing to do what I did!" And, you know what? He was right. I found out what he did to get his business taking off at such a great pace and, friend, it was literally CRAZY! But he did it because he wanted it that bad. Many wanted his success but few - if any - were willing to do what he had done to get there.
Friend, it takes DISCIPLINE to "get rid of the fat" and to go the opposite way of the many that are on that path of least resistance. It takes DISCIPLINE to keep going when you feel like giving up - especially if you are trying to redirect a SHIP instead of a jet ski. Get the point?
No one can do it for you. You may want them to at times but, remember, getting others to do it for you is following the path of least resistance. Oh, there's nothing wrong with getting someone to help from time to time but, you can't expect (nor should you want) someone else to do the needed things for you.
Remember, even if you take "two steps forward and one step back" you are still one step ahead of where you were before! Easier said than done? Well, of course it is! The work goes beyond the words - the work comes in the ACTION that only you can do. I hope that this article encourages you along that path (as well as the other podcasts and articles) and that you will share your thoughts and progress with me. Will you? I hope so! I'd especially love to hear from you via the FYU page on Facebook

Until next time, as you make the daily decision to keep on working towards a better future, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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