Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking a Little Break - Should You?

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Now, first let me say that there is NOT a podcast that goes along with this article. I just wanted to be sure that anyone visiting for the first time would be able to access the podcast and get introduced to my work.

Now, for the "topic" at hand. If you HAVE been following me then you know that I've been taking a little "break" for the past couple of weeks. It wasn't really planned that way - it just happened! Things happened with my schedule to where I didn't get a Friday podcast done and then my wife and I were home for our "time off" from our job and - quite honestly - I decided to do nothing but ENJOY my time off! That's right, I/we was/were on my bike as much as possible during that time off and it was AWESOME!

So, why have I not gotten back to my blog and podcast after that? Simply put - I've not really had anything to say.

Now, those of you that  REALLY know me are likely saying, "WHAT?? Since when do YOU not have anything to say?" 

I know, right?

Some may even think that it's a foolish decision that will cause me to lose followers. It's kind of like running through the dial on the radio in your car and, if nothing is playing due to "dead air" then you move on to another station. The station with "dead air" may have been in business but, at that moment, they lost a listener and the advertisers may have lost a client.

Hey - truth be known - I've lost a lot of followers when I took a break when I was out of work and I really didn't feel that I had the right mindset to share the positive information that I like to share. But, I'd rather have that happen than to "talk" with nothing to say.

I do know that one day I will need - HAVE - to rebuild my base. But, for now, I'm taking some time off and enjoying what I'm doing.

Oh, I'll never STOP doing this - I love it and I believe that God has blessed me with the personality and ability to think and share positive and encouraging information. Hey, I DO still plan to launch my own seminars and to verbally share this information all over the United States and beyond.

But, for now...I'm taking a break. And, friend, sometimes you need to do that as well. Only you can decide that for yourself. But, as for me? I'm happy with my decision and I'm enjoying my time off.

But, as someone once said in a movie..."I'll be back!" (insert foreign accent here).

Whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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