Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Do That?

Now, I'm not quite as worked up about this as the cat in the picture above (silly people, cats can't talk!) but, at the same time, this is something I've wondered about for a very long time.

Maybe you are the same way and want to know, "WHY?" on this topic.

Now, let me just say up front that this is not one of my usual blog posts in which I share thoughts that will encourage you to keep a positive attitude. But, then again, in a round-about-way maybe it is.

Here's what I want to know. WHY do those that promote ideas of how to make money always seem to be "less than honest" in their dealings with us? Let me explain...

I continue to look for opportunities to make some extra money to help fund my plans to launch my own seminars. Yes, I'm still working on that BUT the key thing is -  I HAVE NOT (AND WILL NOT) GIVEN UP! And, here's what I always seem to notice...

The price associated with this "opportunity" is never the "real" cost! How many of you understand what I mean and have maybe even encountered the same thing?

"This is what you need to finally make that extra money you have been looking for and have never found! I'll show you EXACTLY what you need to do and all for only $___(you fill it in)".

And, yet, I have noticed one of two things taking place AFTER you have decided to give this "opportunity" a try and put your money out there with hopes that this will FINALLY be the chance you have been trying to find for so long.

1. You get the information sent to you and immediately find out by reading the attached information that, in reality, if you REALLY want to be successful then you need to sign up for an expensive "coaching" program - expensive meaning several thousands of dollars.

2. As soon as you put in your payment information you are directed to one video (or other information page) after another trying to get you to "upgrade" your purchase for  more money. Why? Because, again, if you REALLY want to do this the right way then you need to buy this extra stuff!


Why can't people quit all of this "upsell" stuff (and I'm choosing my words carefully here so that I remain civil) and just say up front how much $$ someone needs to spend?

I think I know the answer to my "why" with some of these's because THIS is actually how they earn the majority of their money and NOT with their so called "wonder program" that they are selling.

Now, not all of them. I have found one that I am trying out that, did indeed, do the "before we complete your order, you need to upgrade" video thing over and over again. However, I stuck to my original plan and did not spend the extra money. I have seen evidence that this program does have the potential and I am willing to do some of the extra work myself to make it work. I'll keep you posted on this and IF it does turn out to do what it promises I will let you know and will let you know EXACTLY what I did to make it work (and at what price).

So, how many of you have experienced the same thing?

Here's the deal (and I hope you have the same commitment): whenever I get my seminars going and when I do finally get my book published and start making my podcasts and other audio programs available for sell, I will NEVER be less than upfront and honest with you or anyone about the cost or what it will/won't do for you!


Again, if this program I'm looking out turns out to do what it's promised to do, I'll let you know and I'll let you know EXACTLY what it cost me to do it.

Shouldn't this be how we are all of the time? Even if it's not in selling or trying to buy some product - shouldn't we ALWAYS be upfront and honest with those around us? Shouldn't we ALWAYS present who we are and what we represent - upfront and honestly?


Am I? Are you? Are we?

I guess THAT is the challenge that DOES fit into my typical blog/podcast message. Let me know if you accept the challenge, would you? I especially appreciate it if you would do it on the Facebook fan page.

Thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you...I feel better now. ;)

Until next time, whatever you do, wherever you go, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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  1. i know what you mean, mike, it can be a mine-field trying to navigate all the opportunities out there. Its a shame that everyone, even some companies, are not honest and upfront about the real costs involved in operating their business. Many offer a very low start-up price, only to reveal later a monthly on-going cost of hundreds of dollars or more. This lures people in, sure, but what is their retention rate? Dishonesty & manipulation will always backfire in the long run. I'm glad to see you taking the high road and helping people see the light!