Friday, September 20, 2013

Good or Bad - It's Contagious!

Good or bad, it’s contagious!
And, just like some deadly disease, you need to RUN and PROTECT YOURSELF and those you love from the impact of a negative or bad attitude. As a matter of fact, friend, I’d say it actually IS a “deadly disease”. It attacks mind, body and soul and can leave a once vibrant person lifeless and weak.
Am I overstating this? NO WAY!
When one truly understands the devastating impact of a negative attitude and a negative environment then they will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get as far away as possible from this plague of mankind.
Now, enough of that, let’s turn our focus to the GOOD SIDE of a POSITIVE mindset and attitude being something that you WANT to “catch”! Yes, you still need to RUN but, instead of running away from a BAD attitude, you should RUN TO any environment, group of people or person that personifies this positive attitude.
That’s why reading and listening to positive information is so vital to your survival if you desire to have this positive/good attitude yourself. IT’S FOOD FOR THE MIND, SOUL AND BODY!
So, let’s close and take a look at this. Not only is it important to surround yourself with positivity but it is also important to make sure YOU are SPREADING the strength that comes from this. In other words, WHAT ARE PEOPLE “CATCHING” FROM YOU?
Join me on my “positive mission”, won’t you?
Just as it is true with our physical intake with food, so it is with a positive or negative attitude and mindset: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.
Think about it and always remember to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

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