Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who Follows YOU?

Position DOES NOT make a leader. We've established that fact and, hopefully, more and more people will begin to understand that and CHANGE their "style" of "leadership". After all, that's not leadership, it's a POSITION. (In order to be a leader you must have followers!).
A real leader is one who has "been there, done that"! In other words, they are able to lead based on what they KNOW. The KNOW because they have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT! They can SHOW you the way because they have GONE the way. If you didn't read it, go back to the last blog entitled, "Been There, Done That" and take a look at the quote at the top of the article from John C. Maxwell.
Now, with those founding pillars in place let's conclude this little series on EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP by asking the question, "Who follows YOU?"
Some are stunned and surprised at such a question because they don't think ANYONE is following them. Friend, get this point: even if you are NEGATIVE and have NO DESIRE to lead the way, SOMEONE is watching you and choosing to do what you do. In other words, they are choosing to follow your lead.
Kinda' scary, isn't it? I HOPE SO!
You see, you can LEAD others to BE better, DO better and LIVE better by your own desire to do the same. And, by doing so, you are SHOWING what you KNOW because you have chosen to GO that way and follow that path. Amazing, isn't it?
And, on the other hand, you can choose to do the opposite and have others with no desire use you as an excuse to do the same in their life. Sad, isn't it?
Either way - YOU ARE A LEADER.
I saw this demonstrated in my own life when I was somewhere around 6th - 7th grade. There was a little guy quite a bit younger than me that would sit by me at church and, on one such occasion, I began to notice that he was trying to do everything that I was doing. If I sat up straight, he sat up straight. If I coughed, he coughed. I crossed my leg and, as hard as it was for him to do so, he found a way to cross his leg just like me. Even then it hit me hard that someone was watching me THAT closely and that they were DOING exactly what they saw me do.
Friend, nothing has changed.
So, with that being true (and it is) why in the world would ANYONE choose to lead others toward a life of unfulfilled and empty dreams? NOT YOU!
So, look in the mirror and say to yourself with CONFIDENCE and with a SMILE on your face: "I really AM a leader!".
Now, go on. LEAD.
And while you're at it, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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