Monday, October 10, 2016

Be SO Positive That...

From time to time I'll have people say to me, "Mike, I understand the importance of being positive but I just don't know how to do that when I'm surrounded by so much negativity!"

Anyone else relate to that? I DO!

First of all, let me ask you this: WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS? Let me explain what I mean.

Have you ever bought a certain "brand" of automobile and then, all of a sudden (so it seems), you notice how many other cars of this same brand are on the road? All of a sudden (so it seems), they are EVERYWHERE

The fact is, there are no more of these particular brands of automobile than there were before, but your FOCUS has changed to the point that you now NOTICE them more than before.

Does that example make sense? Now let me explain how that connects to the negativity that surrounds us each and every day.

I don't deny the fact that there are many negative people around us. Seriously, they seem (at times) to be EVERYWHERE! This becomes increasingly difficult if you find that a lot of that negativity comes from others under your own roof (from those in your family). 

But, do you think it's possible to change our focus to where, even though that negativity still exists, we don't notice it as much as we once did but, instead, we begin to notice that - HEY - there are also a lot of POSITIVE attitudes around us?

Now, I can't tell you whether you think it's possible or not, but I CAN tell you that it IS possible to change your FOCUS to where you begin to notice the POSITIVE more than you do the negative.

(By the way, this article is really very different than the podcast that I have on this same topic. So, you need to be sure to listen to it by clicking HERE or by clicking HERE.)  

 And, friend, the way that it begins is by doing exactly what you are doing right this very moment. That's right! Continue to immerse yourself with as much positive information as possible and you will soon find that you are drawn to (and others are drawn to you) others with the same positive attitude as you. This will help you focus on the POSITIVE and pay less attention to the negative. 

Listen, there are many others out there JUST LIKE YOU! That's right, there are many others that are seeking to increase the positive influence in their own life and they are looking for YOU! And then, guess what? When there are two of you combining "forces" you will find that you will attract others as a result.

Will you rid your life of all negativity. NO.

But, you WILL begin to focus less on the negativity around you and it will have less and less effect on you and your life. 

I want you to pay close attention to this FACT: It is IMPOSSIBLE for a positive attitude and a negative attitude to co-exist. One will "win out" over the other, sooner or later. 

So, if you are in a situation where those close to you (spouse, family, close friend) have a negative attitude, DO NOT GIVE UP! Surround yourself with other positive people (like I describe above) and continue to immerse yourself with positive information (like you're doing now and like you will do when you listen to the podcast) and, if you stick with it, you will begin to see that YOUR positive influence will begin to "snuff out" the negative influences around you. 

Easier said than done? YOU BET!

But it CAN be done and YOU CAN DO IT, friend!

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Again, whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP! There are many that are waiting for YOUR positive influence to impact their lives in a powerful way. And, you will likely never know how many people you touched and whose lives you helped change for the better!

Be sure to check back for my next article coming soon. Until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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