Monday, October 24, 2016

Some Days Just Suck!

Yes, it's true. Some days JUST SUCK!  No matter how positive you try to be or how careful you try to be to "make it an awesome day"...some days JUST SUCK!

I had one of those days last week, which caused me to find this graphic above. Just the "top part" of the graphic was what I found and it expressed exactly how I was feeling. Then I added the wording below the image, "But I have to keep moving on anyway", because, friend, that is what we all have to do even on those "sucky" days!

You see, it's just like what we talked about in that last "mini-series" of blog articles and boils down to being a matter of CHOICE and DECISION

 I have to tell you that, on THAT day - that "sucky" day - things happened that literally sucked the life right out of me. I was dazed and confused and things looked dark. It was tough! But, even though I found that graphic that described exactly what I was feeling ("Some days just SUCK!"), I also knew that I had to apply a positive spin on the whole situation ("But I have to keep moving on anyway"). 

When you have one of "those days" (and you will!), you have a CHOICE to make. Don't ever forget that fact! You may not be able to go back and change whatever happened that may or may not have contributed to the situation, but you CAN and you DO have the ability to CHOOSE how you will respond to the situation. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

You can "take it out" on anyone and everyone around you and make them just as miserable as you are. Misery doesn't always like company! That's one choice but, friend, that is not a very good choice and those around you don't deserve to be your "punching bag" just because YOUR day "sucked". 

You may decide that it's best that you spend some time alone until you have a chance to "get it together" or "cool off". That may not be a bad choice! In my situation, it just so happened that I was not going to be around other people for the rest of the day and, honestly, I would say that it was a good thing. It allowed me to fuss and gripe and complain with myself and there was no one else that would have to hear that or "feel" that. It allowed me to go through the process of hurt and frustration and then it allowed me to develop RESOLVE! I was RESOLVED that (just like the bottom part of the image states) I was going to "get up" and "keep going" in spite of what had happened. 

You may also choose (and be careful with this one) to get around others that you feel may help you get yourself "back on track". The reason I say "be careful" is that you want to be sure that this doesn't turn into the first scenario that I mentioned. You must be careful to not allow any negative energy to "spill over" to those around you. If you really feel that this other person - or group of people - will have a good, positive influence on you then, by all means, surround yourself with such people!

The main thing is that you have two basic choices: 
     1. Have a "pity party" and allow the circumstance to dictate how you think and behave OR
     2. Decide that YOU will dictate how you think and behave and you "move on anyway".

It's up to you. It's your choice. CHOOSE WISELY.

Even when you have one of those days that just sucks! :)

Stay strong and stay positive and, until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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