Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How I Know When I'm On The Right Track

What gets YOUR attention? What is it that "wakes you up" and causes you to think or say, "Hey, maybe there's a message that I need to be paying attention to?"

Hopefully you are not someone that would just look blankly at me if I were able to ask this question to you face to face. 

Very quickly I want to share with you something that happened to me over the past week or so and also share (again) something that happened to me several years ago that was very similar. 

When I was getting ready for my recent LIVE event I came across a quote by Napoleon Hill (posted in the last article) that read, "Don't wait. The time will never be just right". Cool, I knew it would fit in with the night's discussion so I put it together in a graphic format and went about my day. 

I don't remember how many days went by from when I first found that quote for this event but, in a very short period of time I came across that EXACT same quote again and through a different source on the Internet. "Wow, that's interesting" I thought to myself. 

So, again, I did the LIVE event three days ago (from the day of this article) and did the blog article yesterday that featured this - and other - graphics that I used from the event. The, yesterday - guess what? - the exact same quote by Napoleon Hill showed up once again. 

Friend, when a message keeps appearing to me like that then, one, I know I need to pay attention because it is obviously something that I need to apply to my life. And, two, it also "tells me" that I am on the right track with this particular thought!

Here's another example from several years ago that I have shared on more than one occasion via my different avenues of communicating with you. I was out on a ride on my motorcycle (my favorite time to just think with no interruptions) when I came across a sign in front of a church building that read, "Believe in Yourself". (By the way, I got this part reversed in the video recording as well as the podcast but I did catch this on the podcast and corrected it). 

A few more miles down the road and, you know it, the EXACT same message appeared on another sign and, no, this was not some kind of special "Believe in Yourself" day. Yes, after seeing that exact same sign with the exact same words I did think, "Hmmmm...interesting." The thought changed from "interesting" to "Wow! That's something I obviously need to hear/see/receive today!" when I saw the exact same thing on third sign! And then, to complete the message, about three miles from my house as I was driving through my home town, I glanced at one of those "scrolling marquee" signs just in to time see the words, "And Others"

My "message" was complete! "Believe in Yourself...and Others". 

What's my point? Simply this. I KNOW I am on the right track with a thought or I am being PLACED on the right track when I see such a thought repeated to me in a short span of time.

What about you? 

Sometimes we can get so busy and caught up with "stuff" that we just don't pay attention.

So, today, I simply want to encourage you to just "pay attention". No, don't search this stuff out but DO be aware of these "messages" that may come your way.

Have you had such experiences? I'd love to hear about them! Specifically, if you would, please to to my "fan page" on FBook and leave the comment there.

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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