Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Life is a HABIT...Does YOURS Need to be Broken?" - Mike Spillman

I recently visited with an elderly lady about her need for final expense (burial) insurance. She had filled out a card and requested to get more information about this. She acknowledged to me that she knew she needed to do something to keep her family from having to come up with the money to pay from her funeral and she acknowledged that the price I presented to her was right "on target".

That was about 3 weeks or so ago and, to this day, she still has not done anything about it and, guess what? She never will. How do I know this? Because LIFE IS A HABIT and her habit has been to NOT take action on something that she has known for quite some time that she needed to get done.

Another word for "habit" might even be "rut". It's hard to break a habit and it's hard to get out of a rut!
As is the case regarding ANY significant change, the beginning IS ALWAYS the hardest part of the process. It goes against what we are comfortable with and it goes against our "daily routine" of this habit. But, just like the activity that takes place when one of those "strongest man" contestants start to pull a train car with nothing but a rope, the hardest part is the beginning! Yet, after much effort and determination, MOMENTUM finally starts to "kick in" and the wheels of that train begin to finally move. Slowly at first but they begin to roll with more ease as this momentum continues to work in the contestants favor.

As funny as this little cartoon is, the point of it is actually kind of sad, is it not? Isn't it time to finally get past this "hamster wheel" mentality that so many (you?) do year after year with these, so-called, New Year's Resolutions? Stop talking and start doing!

Wow, what good news, right? If you go back and read my blog and listen to the podcast that I did right before the start of this new year ("Happy New Day? Happy New Year!) you find this very thing talked about. If you have followed me for very long then you have also heard me discuss the fact (yes, I said "fact") that TOMORROW does NOT exist! That 24 hour period into the future does not exist - it has not even arrived into the realm of reality. And, in the same way, that 24 hour period inthe past that we call "YESTERDAY" no longer exists as well. It's gone and can never be relived or recovered. So, TODAY is the day to start making your move. Bottom line, it's all you have, friend.

GET UP AND MOVE ON! Stop dwelling on your past disappointments...what good does that do you but to disappoint you even more? Today is the day to decide to "get up and move on"!

Are you in sales? If so, you need to "google" this guy and check out his stuff. I found this quote of his the other day and I love what it says even though it is hard to accept sometimes. But, it is TRUTH! Whether you are talking about weight loss or job and/or career success, there are many that want the RESULT but that are not willing to "pay the price". That price? CHANGE. And, again, any significant change is not easy. Never has been, never will be. HOWEVER, again, with momentum, that change becomes less and less of a burden and you continue to move forward.

So, are you all talk? Do you spend all of your time "dreaming" about what you will achieve and, are you one of those people that keeps telling everyone else what you are GOING TO DO? Dreaming is important! One must have a "dream" that will challenge them to move forward. However, as Jack Canfield says, the difference between just dreaming and actually putting action behind that dream (PURSUING your passion) is "taking the first step".

Forget about the past! Remember, it's gone. Yes, absolutely LEARN from the past but do not allow yourself to continue to LIVE in the past. So, regardless of what you have been "planting" in the past (you may likely be "harvesting" that now) you can still "plant a new crop" starting TODAY. This is not just a "cheesy" saying or thought...it is a FACT of life, friend.

What is in your heart? What is it that you REALLY want to do and/or accomplish? What is it that "stirs" your soul and creates "purpose" in and for your life? When you allow yourself to "tune in" to whatever that is for you, your "vision" (path, direction) will become clear. Do you believe that?  For years I kept hearing about the need to create a "mission statement" for your life. I even would almost "stress out" over the fact that I couldn't come up with one. I literally would try to put something into words but I kept falling short and, as a result, I also would get discouraged. However, "out of the dark" (so to speak) as I was "immersed" in positive information it just "came to me" and came in a very clear and powerful message. The next graphic is what I came up with (or, perhaps, what came to me):

I need to work harder on getting back to this focus but, the point is, once my "heart" took over, THIS literally just "came out" or "appeared" to me. No, it wasn't magic and it definitely came from my inner thoughts and feelings (my heart). It can only be "real" and "true" when it comes out of your heart. 

Today is the day, my friend. Haven't you waited long enough? Haven't you procrastinated long enough? Are you tired of breaking the promises that you have made to yourself over the years? ONE DAY AT A TIME breaks things down into much smaller "steps" that need to be taken. You don't look at the idea of losing 50 lbs. over the next twelve months and become overwhelmed. What you DO is break that down to what is needed monthly and then daily and start making that journey.  (By the way, that comes out to .13 lbs per day).

Why so many graphics in today's article? These are the graphics that I shared in my recent LIVE stream broadcast that you can still find on the FaceBook page. These thoughts were also shared on the podcast that goes along with this blog (click the link below for either RSS feed or iTunes) so I wanted to be sure and share them with you here.

Well? Now what? 

That's up to you. "LIFE IS A HABIT"...what do you need to do with yours?

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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