Monday, March 5, 2018

Are You Giving "It" Your Best OR Is Average Good Enough?

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AVERAGE.  Average is neither good or's "in-between". It's just "there". As I read from one person, "Average is the same distance from being good as it is from being bad."


We live in a world that seems to be o.k. with just being "average". Yes, I know that this doesn't apply to everyone. You, for example, don't fit into that category or you wouldn't be here spending the time to read this article. Average people don't do things that require anything "extra" from them. "Above average" people do things that average people will not. It's not that they can't...they just won't. 

Here's the thing: If average people would just keep their "average-ness" to themselves then, as bad as it still would be, the rest of us could just move effortlessly through the quagmire of this affliction. But, sadly, that is not the case. Notice this quote from John Maxwell...

"Average people want you to stay average."

You see, it's not enough for the average person to be satisfied with this being their own downfall. Nope. They don't want anyone else around them to escape from this mind-numbing lifestyle.

This is true of every form of negativity. Negative people aren't satisfied with keeping their negative thoughts and actions to themselves. For whatever reason they feel the need to "spread it" to anyone and everyone around them. It's as if they don't want anyone else being any happier than they are. And, friend, they tend to NOT be happy about anything.

An "average mindset" is also a form of negativity and you MUST be aware of the dangers of spending your time with those with this mindset. IT WILL BRING YOU DOWN AND KEEP YOU WHERE YOU DON'T WANT TO BE!

Yes, it IS that "dangerous" to those that want more, dream more and plan to BE more. 

To change up a famous quote from "Forrest Gump"...."Average is as average does." 

There is NOTHING wrong with striving to achieve more. Think about this...only those who have done so have made positive change in their lives and, in turn, in our world.

Think long and hard about that fact and then also think about this...

Average people would likely not be missed if they were no longer "there". What I mean is this: An average person who does an average job would likely not even be missed if they stopped showing up for work. Why? Because there was nothing special about what they were doing and it is very easy to replace average with another person that seeks nothing more than just being average.

That's really very sad, isn't it? 

Rather, “Be so good they can't ignore you." - Steve Martin

It's YOUR move, friend! Don't settle for less because YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE!

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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