Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boots or Flip Flops?

Boots or Flip Flops?

My guess is that we've all heard the phrase, "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps". The idea behind it being that you need to get your boots on, lace them up and get up and get going (bootstraps = laces). With that thought in mind, here is my quote for today's thoughts:

"It's hard to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps if you're wearing flip flops!" - Mike Spillman

Yeah, I like it.

Now, first, let me say this - I understand that we live in a world in which we really DO rely and depend upon each other. We are not an "island" and we should do all we can to help each other out in this journey called life.

HOWEVER (and this goes back to yesterday's discussion) this does NOT mean that we should sit around on our rear ends with our hands out waiting for someone else to do it all for us.

So, even though we need each other, my thought today is that we need to stop whining and complaining and we need to stop waiting for someone to dump success in our laps. We need to GET OUR BOOTS ON and GET AFTER IT!

I mean, really, what are you waiting on?

But, here's the deal: It's hard to do that if you're wearing flip flops!


Can you imagine someone showing up on a construction site for their first day of work wearing a pair of flip flops? (I bet it has happened somewhere, sometime!).

Have you seen some of these reality shows where some rich kid that has never done a day of work in their life had to do some outdoor work and one of the girls would show up wearing expensive high heels?


In these two scenarios the person involved will NOT be able to get the work done that needs to be done.

So it is in the pursuit of our goals and dreams - what are YOU doing to prepare yourself so that you can "get up and get after it"?

Too many times I hear people talk about this or that in their life that didn't work while trying to move forward in this pursuit. Upon further questioning, many times I will find out that they really didn't do much of anything for this "new endeavor" to ever even have a chance to produce positive results.

You'll see this online a lot with a lot of the "scam" threads that you see about this or that "work from home opportunity". Now - granted - there ARE many scams out there. However, what you find on many of these are people that bought a product and never even put the thoughts and ideas into practice and then called it a "scam" because it didn't work!

I see this all the time!

One particular real estate group that I am working with has a discussion board and, constantly, I see people ask, "What do I do?". It's obvious that this person hasn't even read the basic information that is provided or available to them -yet, they want someone else to tell them what they need to do. First of all, READ THE BOOK!

See what I mean?

Quit wearing your flip flops, get your boots on and GET AFTER IT!

Now, friend, there's nothing wrong with asking for some help. We ALL need that from time to time. There's nothing wrong with seeking some guidance in ANY area of our lives. But (and I think you are following me on this, right?) at some point in time we need to get out of the nest, spread our wings and FLY!

Can you imagine seeing a 25 year old man on a bicycle with their 55 year old dad running along beside him holding the seat helping him ride his bike?

So, what about you? Boots or flip flops?

The choice - as always - is YOURS!

And, as you lace up those boots....

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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