Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just A Bump In The Road

Just a Bump In The Road

I've been using different quotes for my topics this week and today I'd like to share one that my 19 year old son, Jordan came up with the other night:

"The past is just a bump in the road to the future." - Jordan Spillman

Not bad, huh? Now, if he can just make sure that he remembers that in his young life he will be
WAY ahead of many others as they go through the "bumps" along the way!

You've likely heard this before: "Your past DOES NOT determine your future!"

And, even though you have "heard" it -- did you really HEAR it to the point of letting it sink in?

No matter WHO you are, no matter WHERE you've been and no matter HOW BADLY you've "messed up" you MUST remember that "the past is just a bump in the road to the future"!

And, yes, I know there are those of you out there that have messed up REALLY badly and you very likely may be paying the consequences of your actions for a very long time. But, you STILL have the ability to change the course - the path - of your future!

You see, that is what is MAGICAL about each day! There is found the TRUTH behind the thought that you can TURN each day AROUND! It is also what is so exciting when you consider that TODAY (and every day) is WIDE OPEN for you! And who in the world would NOT be THANKFUL for such wonderful opportunities each and every day?

As always, it's up to you!

You can sit on the side of "the road" on the journey to your future and cry out, "Woe is me!" while staying put OR you can correct the problem and move on down the road to your destination!

What will you do?

Will there be more bumps along the way? I can answer that with a very definite, "YES!".

But, as long as we keep on moving those bumps will soon be nothing but a distant memory of the journey to our goals and dreams.

And, never forget to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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