Monday, August 16, 2010

How Do I Close the Gap?

"How Do I Close the Gap?"

Sometimes we take note of people in the news that are wealthy beyond our imagination and wonder why that can't be us.

So many times we also begin to "attack" that wealthy person (knowing very little - if anything - about them) so that we can feel better about why we are where WE are in relation to where THEY are!

I mentioned an article in the podcast about "Myths About Millionaires" and I've posted it on the fan page on Facebook - go there to check it out. (If you're not a member, go to and click on the contacts tab and join up to become a member of our fan page there).

Hey, listen - you and I have both known this for a very long time...the easiest way to try to make ourselves feel better is to try to tear someone else down! We see it all of the time and, let' admit it, we've also DONE it from time to time.

But, may I suggest that we look at this a different way?

Perhaps, instead of "pulling them down" we need to STEP UP!

It is interesting that, with the article I mention, the comments that people left about the article just emphasize what I'm saying even more. Whining and complaining and the majority of the those leaving comments have NO IDEA what they are even talking about.

Why not let it be DIFFERENT with YOU?

Again, you don't have to be a millionaire to change your life, right?

What amount of money would make difference in your monthly budget? Would $1,000 a month make a big difference in your life? My guess is that it would! That's an extra $12,000 per year!

Whatever is needed in your life - what are YOU doing about it?

Are you sitting on THIS side of the gap looking over at the OTHER side and just whining about it? Are you just sitting and WONDERING how come things are the way that they are?

OR are you ready to start putting some plans - backed by ACTION - into place so that you can "close the gap"?

Guess what? It's all up to YOU!

Hey, you should know by now - if you don't already - that this is the main point of just about everything I say. YOU. No one else so stop looking around. YOU.

What will YOU do?

Start today and, as you do so...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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