Friday, January 27, 2012

Living Today in COLOR!

Today is "FUN FRIDAY"! Find a reason to SMILE and to SHARE that smile with others!

So, today is long have you been waiting for today? How long have you been "hanging on" until FRIDAY? How many times do you find yourself on MONDAY already looking forward to FRIDAY? Songs have been written and sung emphasizing this type of mentality but I really want to ask you to consider this: DON'T YOU THINK YOU ARE WISHING YOUR DAYS AWAY WHEN YOU DO SO?

I once heard a young lady state at around 6:00 a.m., "I can't WAIT for this day to be over!" Are you kidding me? The day hadn't even really begun and she was already wishing it was over? She had apparently already decided for herself that it was going to be a TERRIBLE day and, according to her way of thinking, there was absolutely NOTHING she could do about it except wish for the end of that day.

Friend, that is truly sad in my opinion.

STOP living your life in the "grey" and "hum-drum" existence that so many find themselves in and START living your life in COLOR and experience each day FULL OF LIFE!

Do you remember in the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" how the first part of the movie was filmed in black and white but, upon Dorothy's arrival in the magical land of Oz, the movie was then shown in beautiful color? It was done that way for a reason! It was was NEW and VIBRANT and offered so much for this young lady that she had never experienced before. Isn't it time YOU stepped out of the world of "black and white" and started living YOUR life in VIBRANT COLOR?

In case you're having a hard time answering that question, let me be of assistance..."Uh, YEAH!"

Oh, by the way, there IS a reason I have a picture of a watch at the top of this blog. This is the watch that I found before Christmas that caught my eye. Very seldom is there anything that I really want for Christmas or my birthday or Father's Day and it is a bit frustrating to my wife... understandably so. But, when I saw this watch it "spoke" to me and I almost bought it on the spot since it was right there and available. However, I decided I'd wait, tell my wife about it, show her a picture of it on-line and then let her get it for me so it could actually be "from her". We stopped by a couple of stores in other towns before Christmas so she could pick it up and wrap it for me but we never could find THAT particular watch in the other stores! So, finally, we went ahead and ordered it on-line so that it could be shipped to the store in our hometown and we could pick it up when it arrived. Due to our crazy schedule right now it came in about 10 days before we could get to it and, FINALLY, we were able to pick it up the other day - this "Christmas present" near the end of January - at our local store.

We were both excited since we had been waiting so long and I actually had found something I wanted. Isn't that watch BEAUTIFUL? You see, blue is my color and that watch just caught my eye the moment I first saw it. I excitedly opened the box to only be disappointed. Why? Because the watch they sent was NOT the watch I ordered. The one I ordered looked like the one pictured above and the one they sent had the face color of what you see above if it was shown in black and white. In other words it was a dark grey trim with a light grey center. YUCK! When I took it back to the lady inside I told her about the problem and laughing I said, "That's like ordering a color t.v. and getting one in black and white!" (Oh, by the way, we did end up driving back to the ORIGINAL store where I first saw the watch and picked it up - YAY!)

Sure, I could have settled for the one I didn't order since it had taken so long - BUT I DIDN'T WANT THE UGLY, COLORLESS WATCH! I wanted the one that was beautiful, vibrant and colorful!

STOP settling for living a life of "drab existence" and begin to live and experience a life in LIVING COLOR!

So much is being offered to you today that we often pass up because we have settled for "drab" instead of "VIBRANCY" in our lives! Don't wish away the day or the week - take advantage of all that this day has to offer you! GRAB every ounce of LIFE out of this day, squeeze every ounce of life out of every second of this day! 

WHY? Because once this second, minute, hour and day is gone - IT IS GONE FOREVER and it CANNOT ever be recovered, relived or replaced. Gone. 

So, as is always the case - the choice is yours. What will YOU do with what you have...TODAY? As you go through your day, always remember to...  

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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