Monday, January 16, 2012

Permanent Marker Dreams?

Hey! It's "Magical Monday"!!

Check out the podcast to hear my comments about what makes today "MAGICAL" - you'll be glad you did!

As we continue to talk about our goals and dreams I want to bring up the idea of HOW you write down these goals and you write them down with "PERMANENT MARKER" or do you do as I do and use a "dry erase board"?

I mention in the podcast that one thing I like about that "name" is the middle word, "erase"!

Sure, you may also think about it as if you use ink or pencil to write these things down. The great thing about a pencil is the ERASER!

When I sit in my "war room" and look at my dry erase board where I write down my focus, plans, goals and dreams I have to acknowledge and realize that I have erased and started over many times.

Yet, I STILL am focused on the same thing....I've just had to take a different path from time to time and I'm still on the journey!

Sometimes there are roadblocks and set-backs but the key thing is to ask ourselves if we are determined enough or focused enough to "stay the course" and keep moving on toward that destination.

Don't get all worked up if you've had to adjust your time line for completion of your goals....the main thing to look at is this: AM I STILL MOVING TOWARD THOSE GOALS?

Check this out on a DAILY basis and ask yourself if you have made progress TODAY toward those goals and dreams. Even the old saying of "Two steps forward and one step back" will mean movement in the right direction.

Think about that fact. IT'S TRUE!

Don't be afraid to get the eraser out and don't be afraid to use that eraser on that dry erase board.

And, hey, if you've used permanent marker or ink -- don't be afraid to tear that up and start all over! We'll be talking about that tomorrow but, until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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