Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Questions to Ask

O.k. so are you ready to give your mind a little bit of a "rest"? I mean, hey, we've really been pushing the limits on what our minds are use to handling, right? (GO BACK AND READ ALL OF THE ARTICLES FROM THIS WEEK IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO YET. GO ON....)

Now, today we are going to look at something very SIMPLE. Here's the thing, though...even though it is simple to do it is also simple to NOT do!

Too, even though this is simple, many - if not most - don't do it. Why? I don't really know for sure but I DO know that some don't do it or won't do it just for the fact that it IS so simple!

Isn't that silly?

Too many people are looking for help and/or solutions but will pass up something "simple" because they feel that there has to be more to it than that! And they miss out. Friend, that's not just silly, that's just plain ol' STUPID! (Yeah, I said that).

This, too, comes from Bob Proctor's "The Science to Getting Rich" that I've been sharing thoughts from these past few days. Some of this is my own process but the 3 questions and formula presented are Mr. Proctor's.

Here's what I suggest you do with the following 3 questions to ask ourselves...apply these 3 questions to different categories in your life. Let me explain.

Get out a piece of paper (or likely sheets of paper) and on the left side write down these 3 questions:
1. What are you doing?
2. What works?
3. What doesn't work?

Then, across the top of your paper make several categories for your life. You could list "relationships" across the whole top of the page and then divide up different categories under that main heading like "husband/wife", "kids", "other family", "grandkids", etc.

Or, if you don't want to go into THAT much detail you could make your first category "husband/wife" or whatever that relationship is that is important to you, o.k.?

Perhaps another category across the top of your sheet of paper might be "work" and another might be "finances" while another might be "spiritual". You can come up with as many categories as you want and I encourage you to come up with as many categories as you can so that you can do as complete a job as is possible for your life.

This is a GREAT way to get a head start on 2014 as it draws near and it is a very COMPLETE and detailed way to take an honest look at your life. You ARE going to be honest with yourself, aren't you? If not, it won't do you any good and it will be a complete waste of time.


The 1st question, "What are you doing?" is simply a look at what you are doing to make that part of your life the best it can be. So, for example, in your relationship (or in ANY of the categories) don't put "the best I can" for an answer to that! For one, it's too generic and, secondly, it likely may not be completely true!

Here's another hint for you guys out there: You might want to check with your wife or girlfriend to see if what YOU think is working really is working! :)

Alright, now are you ready for the magic formula to use once you have answered all 3 questions in all of the categories that you have put together? (By the way, you can always add other categories later on!).


No, I'm not kidding around and, no, this is not a joke. I told you this was simple but yet too many people miss this completely!

DO IT! Fill out the information in each category and really spend some time THINKING about it IF it is something that is important to you.

By now you likely know that definition of the word "insanity" that says it's doing the same thing the same way yet expecting different results.

Get the point? Good.

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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