Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Increase Your Awareness

So, right off the start let me say this: if you haven't read the two previous articles, DO THAT before - BEFORE - you read this one, o.k.?

Now that you have either gone back and caught up or you were already there let me ask a question: IS YOUR MIND BLOWN YET?

Sometimes to expand, widen or simply to make more space one must use excessive force. It may require an EXPLOSION resulting in a BLAST!

So, yeah, sometimes you have to have your mind "blown" in order to "increase your awareness"!

Today I continue to discuss thoughts/ideas from Bob Proctor's "The Science of Getting Rich" and, likely, your thoughts will continue to be challenged and, hopefully, expanded.


Let's continue.

According to Bob Proctor (and others as well), "If your goal is to get out of debt then you will always BE in debt!" Why?

Because that is what your focus is on!

That is what you are "attracting" into your life!

INSTEAD - start thinking about EARNING MONEY!

Have you ever thought of it that way? No? Why not?

Because you have never been CHALLENGED to think that way! Perhaps you've NEVER ALLOWED your thinking to be challenged in such a way.

Too many times we let our "old thinking" get in the way and we then wonder why nothing changes in our life. WHY WOULD IT? HOW COULD IT?

Take a look at something else that Mr. Proctor says about this:
"Whenever we get into the SUCCESS ZONE, everything in our lives start to change! But know this - you will be a bit of an odd ball, not part of the 'norm' and you will be 'out of the box' but it is THEN that your whole world will start to shift!"

That quote - by itself - is worth the price of admission, friend! (Yeah, I know, you didn't pay to "get in here" but, hey, you know what I mean, right?).

Mr. Proctor goes on to use the following example: AWARENESS: People making $50k aren't doing it because that's all they want to make. It's because they are UNAWARE of how to make $150k!

Think about that! If you will allow yourself to think with an OPEN (and, hopefully "expanding") mindset then you will see that this is TRUE! Most people cannot even begin to fathom how it could even be possible to TRIPLE their current income.


I know I'm referring a LOT to specific things Mr. Proctor said on these things but, hey, WHY WOULDN'T I? He has studied this for YEARS and provides clear and specific examples of how this is possible and why this is true. I watched a lengthy video segment and these things I'm sharing with you now are the things that I wrote down that I wanted to be sure and remember.

I want to leave you with one more "segment of thought" from Mr. Proctor on this particular part of this work. Read it, re-read it. Examine it closely. Ask yourself if it is not, indeed, true. See how it applies to YOUR life.

Here it is:
We are the way we are because WE ARE NOT AWARE OF HOW TO DO IT DIFFERENTLY!
(This applies financially, physically, mentally, spiritually and in any other area of your life that you can think of!).

So, do YOU feel challenged at all today? Do YOU see the need to "increase your awareness"?

Imagine the possibilities.

And, as you do so, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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