Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If You Call It...

"If you build it, they will come." Most all of us - depending on age - will instantly recognize that famous quote from the 1989 movie, "Field of Dreams". Do the research yourself if you don't know what I'm talking about and, do yourself a favor, find a copy of that movie and WATCH IT!
However, for the purposes of today's blog, I am going to share a bit different take on a similar quote:  "If you call it, it will come." - Bob Proctor
"It" in this quote refers to money. That's right, money. If you haven't done so, be sure to go back and read the last blog article that is the beginning of my discussion of Bob Proctor's "The Science of Getting Rich" and also be sure to notice the addressing of the whole "money is the root of all evil" misapplication.
The "warning" that I shared in that article also applies to this one - YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR MIND TO THE POSSIBILITIES!
The notes I took after watching a video with Mr. Proctor sharing insights on this started off (for this part) with the words, "MONEY CAN'T TALK BUT IT CAN HEAR!" And then, the line that I used to tease you with in the title, "If you call it, it will come!"
Again, immediately, there are some of you that will want to push this aside and dismiss it as fantasy are "silly talk" but, again, I ask that you open your mind and consider the possibilities IF this is true.
I do believe 100% that it is true but I have to admit that I'm still working on putting that belief into total action. Hey, like I said before, it flies in the face of about everything I've ever been taught (and likely you, too!) about money and how to "get" money.
But, here's the thing - I have seen this, read this and heard this from many others besides Mr. Proctor! As a matter of fact, long before I even ever HEARD of Mr. Proctor, I had a friend's wife tell me the same thing (in general) about her own husband. She basically told me that "making money is easy" for him. THAT BLEW MY MIND!
You see, we tend to put OUR struggles and experiences onto anyone and everyone else and then WE struggle to accept that "making money is easy" for ANYONE! But how could I dispute what she said? There was PROOF right before my eyes! He had found "the secret" in the area of work that he was in and he had the ability to make money without the struggle that I was having at the time.
So, listen, when someone along the lines of Bob Proctor tells me that "If you call it (money), it will come!" then I need to PAY ATTENTION!
Too, long before Bob Proctor began to share this thinking there was a man by the name of Napoleon Hill that wrote a book entitled, "Think & Grow Rich" that had these types of thoughts in it's pages. (This is another book that you should be able to find for free as an e-book online fairly easily and I HIGHLY recommend that you snag it up!).
From that book, Mr. Hill says, "When money starts coming, it will come so fast and so furious that you will wonder where it's been hiding during all of those lean years!"
I have actually heard people say very similar things concerning money and their life so, because of all of the evidence, I would have to conclude that, indeed, this IS possible! It IS possible to earn as much as I want (see last article) and "making money" can be "easy".
BUT, in order for this true in my life (and yours as well) then I must PAY ATTENTION to, LISTEN to and DO what those successful people have done and continue to do. Right?
NOTE: Too many want what successful people have but are unwilling to DO what they have DONE in order to reach that level of success. And you?
Mr. Proctor also shares that, "It's not so much WHAT you do but HOW you do it." and that "People don't get rich by doing certain things, they do so by doing things a certain way."
Again, if you allow yourself to believe that this CAN be true in your life then wouldn't it only make sense to PAY ATTENTION to what someone like this says? OF COURSE IT DOES!
Here is a very specific "secret" that Mr. Proctor (among many others) shares with us about how to achieve these things: "Decide what you WANT, write it on a card, carry it with you and look at it several times throughout your day!"
Do NOT allow yourself to miss that! It is SIMPLE but the SIMPLE TRUTH is that MANY people will not do it because of it's SIMPLICITY! "They" will say, "Ha! That won't work! That's silly!"
But notice that "they" are not successful. Notice that "they" will stay where they are and never step out to allow themselves the change to improve their lives and the lives of their family. "They" do not have the qualifications to speak on such matters.
Do you understand that? There are always plenty of "They said's" out there. But, again, ask yourself this all-important question: "What are THEIR qualifications?".
Now, DECIDE what you WANT - write it on a card (get very SPECIFIC with this), carry it with you and look at it several times throughout your day!
Will YOU? Some will. Some won't and those that won't will continue to grip and complain about their sad state of affairs.
And YOU?
Join me next time as we continue with these thoughts and, until then, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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