Thursday, June 16, 2016

Are YOU Paralyzed By FEAR?

"Are YOU Paralyzed By FEAR?"

Last weekend my wife and I were blessed to have our two grandbabies come for a visit and spend the night. We always love it when they get to come for a visit like that and we usually get to enjoy those visits about once a month.
One of the things that made this visit even more special was that we got to take them swimming in a friend's pool. They came all prepared with their little life jackets and enjoyed getting into the water with "Poppa and MiMi" but, I noticed right away, they both were clinging to us and weren't about to let go! I had little Em, who is about 4.5 years old and, as much as I tried, I could not get her to let go a little bit and float around by just holding my hand. 

I would try to tell her that she had her life jacket on and that nothing would happen to her. She would say, "But Poppa, it's DEEP!" I would tell her, "Baby, it doesn't matter how deep it is, you have your life jacket on and you're safe!". 

I would try to pull her away from me to hold on to her hands and let her float out in front of me. She wasn't having ANY of that! She would grab hold of me and wrap her legs as much around my leg as she could and just stiffen up - paralyzed by fear. 

Now, don't get the wrong idea, I wasn't forcing her to take action when she was so clearly afraid. However, I did keep talking to her about how Poppa wasn't going to let anything happen to her and that I would keep her safe. 

Do you know what a "swim noodle" is? Maybe this picture will help...
Now do you know what I'm talking about? These are amazingly simple products that you can bend and shape and use in all kinds of ways to float in the water.  I grabbed one of these off of the side of the pool and wrapped it around her (while I was holding on to her) and had her actually let go of me and hang on to the "noodle". I was able to do so while still making her feel completely safe and, before long, she began to loosen up a little bit and, not too long after that, she was floating around, kicking, moving and having the time of her life!

She excitedly said to me, "Poppa! I TRUSTED you and now look at what I'm doing!" And, before we were done with our swimming time, she even got rid of the noodle and was floating around with just her life jacket - something that she wasn't ABOUT to do at the beginning. 

Have you already been "seeing" the important message in all of this? 

Fear can absolutely paralyze us to the point that we are afraid to do ANYTHING and, that being true, we also fail to make any progress or enjoy life.  The "What If's" can take over to the point that we are afraid to do ANYTHING for fear of doing something wrong. 

We don't trust our instincts or the work that we have put into this effort in preparation. We don't trust the wise words of our mentors or those that have helped us prepare. The only "voice" that we can hear is the VOICE OF FEAR

Yet, if we can allow ourselves to begin to hear and listen to our instincts, our preparation, our mentors and other helpers we may actually began to take actions that will lead to a life unimagined!

The opposite of FEAR is FAITH! And, out of necessity, they cannot exist together at the same time or place. 

Simple, yet powerful, wouldn't you agree? 

What might we enjoy and experience once we get past the paralyzing force of fear? Is it worth it to you to find out? If so, you will find ways to begin to take those "baby steps" that will allow you to slowly begin to realize that you can, indeed, take action. 

"Baby steps" or "jumping in head first"...different people may decide to take action in different ways but, the key thing is this: TAKE ACTION! 

Oh, and one more thing that happened in the pool the other day. Em's little brother, Asher (who is 3 years old) had been doing pretty much the same thing by hanging on to my wife. But, he was watching what was taking place with Em and, after a while, on his own, he let go and was floating around with a noodle - just like his big sister.

That's another "lesson" that we'll discuss in the next article. Start thinking about that in advance and see what thoughts come to mind for your own life. 

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And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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