Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What (or Who) Decides or Sways Your Vote?

Although this series is NOT about politics I do want to start today's discussion by asking a political question: Why do you vote the way that you do in an election?

Many times, a person votes due to "family history" and influence. As a matter of fact, some people won't even tell their parents (or other family members) how they vote (or they lie about it) because they don't want to have a big "political argument" about their choice. Sometimes it's due to religious values. 

There are may different reasons that a person votes the way that they do in a political election. What about you? Why do you vote the way that you do?

In much the same way, there are many reasons as to why we "vote" the way that we do about the direction of our lives. (If you haven't done so, go back and read the last two articles that leads up to this one...they all "build" on each other). 

Some people choose the direction of their life because of the way that they were raised or due to other family expectations. Some don't put much thought or value on the direction of their own lives and future because that is what they have seen in the lives of their own parents. On the other side of the spectrum are those that are pressured into following a particular path of study or career choice because that is what their parents want or expect from them. 

Just as there are many different reasons for why people vote the way that they do in an election, so are there many different reasons for why people "vote" the way that they do concerning the direction of their life. 

What about you?

You've likely heard the idea that you are the "average" of the 5 - 10 people with whom you spend the most time. When I say that you are the "average", I'm talking about in every area of your life. That's right. You tend to fit into the average, financially, of those that you hang around with as well as spiritually, career-wise, family guidelines (discipline, etc.) and anything else you can think of. This even goes down to what kind of vehicle that you drive!

What's that old saying? "Birds of a feather flock together." 

Wow, when you actually look at this closely, you may be surprised by these things. You may decide that you need to change who it is that you hang out with or, you may discover that you LIKE the influence that these people have on and for your life.

The key thing in this is the fact that YOU HAVE A CHOICE or a VOTE!

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is, "WHY?". In any area of our life and in EVERY area of our life we should stop and ask ourselves this question from time to time. "WHY am I doing what I'm doing in this particular area?" This, in essence, is how you will find out WHY you "vote" the way that you do concerning your life and the direction of your life. 

This is actually the very basis or foundation of this process. Every area of your life and the decisions that you make in those areas are "votes" that you cast about your life and your future as well as the future of your family. With that being said, don't you think it might be important to really know WHY you make those decisions? 

They are ALL important decisions because they ALL play a role in the direction of your life.  Do you think I'm being a bit over-dramatic with that last statement? I can hear some of you saying, "Oh come on, Mike. Me choosing where we eat supper tonight is not that big of a decision in the overall picture." I hear you, but it may be a bigger deal than you realize. Especially when you really examine WHY you made the choice that you made. And, especially when you really examine what thought you have put into that decision as far as how it impacts other areas of your life...such as financial. That's just an example but, friend, most people have no idea how much money they actually spend on eating out and other "extras" while they complain about never having enough money. 

Yes, it is your life. Absolutely. That's the whole point, friend. It is YOUR life and your life will go where YOU lead it and direct it to go. And, all of that happens with the votes that you cast on a daily basis. 

Let me end with this. There's no reason to drive yourself crazy for the rest of your life thinking about every little thing in your life. You may need to examine it all closely for a period of time. However, once you discover your focus and purpose for your life, you will then act "automatically" based on that focus and purpose. Yes, you will still need to do a "check up" from time to time to make sure you haven't wandered off course too far, but it will become a natural part of your life.

Either way, your daily "vote" counts and the impact of those votes are likely greater than you and I realize, friend!

This article is one of those situations that I talk about on the podcast where I encourage you to listen to the podcast as well as read the article because they are not exactly the same. They are not done at the same time and I don't follow a script. THIS ARTICLE is a lot different than the podcast that I recorded for this topic. So, please, read the following couple of paragraphs carefully and take the time to listen to the podcast as well. 

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