Thursday, June 23, 2016

Excuses Prevent Action!

 I'm sure you've heard the saying about "Opinions", right? Well, I'm going to "clean it up" just a little bit and go with it like this: "Opinions are like ARM PITS...everybody has them and they all stink!"
Now, for today's article, I'm going to change that up just a little bit more and apply it to EXCUSES:
"EXCUSES are like ARM PITS...everybody has them and they all stink!" 

Just like in the last article, this one comes as a result of me catching up with some "Minute With Maxwell" e-mails that I receive from John C. Maxwell every day. And, in case you didn't get the link in yesterday's article, you can sign up for free and get this sent to you own e-mail address by going HERE.

I'm sure you've guessed it by now but, the word being addressed in this particular episode was, "Excuses". As I listened, John said something that really jumped out at me and I wanted to share it with you today. Here's what he said: "It's easier to go from FAILURE to SUCCESS than it is to go from EXCUSES to SUCCESS!" 

 It seems that he pointed out, as well, that it is literally impossible to go from EXCUSES  to success because EXCUSES will prevent us from ever taking ACTION (see yesterday's article).

Excuses are the language of FEAR. You can debate that if you wish but, friend, it is a fact. You make excuses because you are AFRAID of SOMETHING in whatever area of your life it is that you are needing to take action. 

Here's the thing, though. Many people have become so accustomed to making excuses that they don't even realize that they do it so much. I know someone who automatically starts making excuses about as soon as they open their mouth when asked about ANYTHING. And, I do mean just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! It's a self-defense mechanism that many people set up because they don't want to have to face the fact that they are not following through by taking action. 

Now listen, I understand that it just flat out HURTS to have to face the truth like that, doesn't it? But listen, friend, EXCUSES WILL KEEP YOU WHERE YOU ARE and PREVENT YOU FROM MOVING FORWARD TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!

So, yeah, maybe it's something we all need to get serious about.

Just like anything else that requires change and a completely different approach, moving away from EXCUSES will be a PROCESS that you approach and attack on a DAILY day at a time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear some of you making excuses as to why you can't approach and attack this every day. C'mon...just stop it. :)

So, take a look at where you are and then take a look at where it is that you want to be and realize that it is your EXCUSES that are keeping you where you are. Period.

Hey, I hope we're still friends after this article! I know we are and I know that, even if this was a little painful, you will be fine once you get past the initial shock of the truth. But, friend, you can do this and you CAN get past the excuses and on toward your planned goals and dreams!

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As always, THANKS for joining me today and, please, share this with as many as possible and always be sure to keep moving forward, closer to your dream!

And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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