Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make-a-Wish Begins TOMORROW! (Wednesday)

The "official" launch date is TOMORROW - Wednesday, July 1st BUT you can begin even now if you'd like!

Go to the website http://www.futureyouuniversity.com/ and click on the banner on the top of the home page that talks about this special effort with the "Make-a-Wish Foundation". It will take you to an information/donation page.

HOWEVER, going to this page does not commit you to anything! So, please, feel free to go there and read the personal message from me as well as have the ability to check out a lot of other information about this organization as well.

YOU CAN ALSO DONATE AT THIS PAGE AT ANYTIME! Think about this... 500 people donating only $10.60 will get this done! Or, let's make it even a little easier to understand....530 people donating on $10 will get this done! How quickly do YOU go through $10 during the week - or more likely during a day?

PLEASE NOTICE: When you go to donate on this page, please do not change the "location" of the Make-a-Wish chapter. The Mid-South chapter out of TN. is the one that we are using. That way, ALL of these funds can be focused toward one child. (If you have ANY questions, shoot me an e-mail at mike@futureyouuniversity.com)

If you would rather not donate on-line you can still participate one of the following ways:
1. You can make a check out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and send it to 320 Executive Court, Ste. 101, Little Rock, AR 72205 - BE SURE TO PUT Future You University in the memo line so that they can add this to our total!
2. You can call Carissa Godwin at 501-376-9474 and handle this over the phone. Once again tell her (or anyone else if she is not available) that you are doing this with Future You University.

In advance - THANK YOU so much for your participation in making this possible!


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