Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YOU Hold the POWER of LOVE

Hey today's podcast I do a "part 2" on the discussion of Chapter 11 in Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think & Grow Rich". The chapter title? "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation" --- odd name, huh?

I really don't go with the book at all in today's discussion - but I feed off of what we have discussed about "the POWER of LOVE" in part 1 of this chapter's discussion. To be honest, this chapter is a bit hard to "explain" and I encourage you to dig into it and get out of it what you can. I suppose that, for the most part, I feel that I hit the main focus of it in the first discussion and wanted to go off on a little different direction with this part.

Simply put - as the title says - YOU hold the POWER of LOVE...what will you do with it?

A couple of things:
1. You hold the power of love when considering whether to participate or not in the "Make-A-Wish" special challenge that I am putting up for all of you. There are all kinds of reasons that we can all come up with as to why we "can't"....but there is one HUGE reason as to why we all CAN.....and it's simply this - the POWER of LOVE!
2. You hold the power of love each and everyday and have the choice to either encourage and build up or discourage and tear down. It's your choice - what will you do?

I don't know that those that would fit this category would be listening to my podcast or be reading this blog - unless it would be to mock you for doing so - BUT I want to speak to those discouragers out there.


Isn't it amazing how people can claim to love someone and yet continually try to tear them down and discourage them from making any powerful progress in their lives? We might - MIGHT - can understand that from strangers - but our own family and/or friends? If you are one that is participating in this negative activity, let me ask you a question - WHY?

WHY would you try to defeat one that you love?
WHY would you try to crush one that you love?
WHY would you try to extinguish the dream of one that you love?
WHY would you try to destroy the future of one that you love?

Notice that in each of these I have used the word, "try" - because that is all that you can do. You see, YOU cannot make these things happen. Oh, you can certainly be a contribution force - but if that one you love (whether it be a spouse or some other family member or even a friend) is determined to succeed, even YOU cannot stop them!

WHY NOT, instead, support and encourage them and then also look at yourself and try to figure out why YOU'RE not moving forward with YOUR life?

Now, for the rest of us. If you understand how harmful that this negative talk can be in your own life - then do ALL that you can to uplift and encourage anyone and everyone around you each and every day!

You - YES, YOU - hold the POWER of LOVE in your hands and, the cool thing is this - you don't run out! You can give and give and encourage all day long today and, guess what? You can do it all over again tomorrow and the day after that and so on and so on.

AWESOME, isn't it?

When one realizes that they hold POWER...they can do one of two things:
1. Use that power in a negative way to crush and control OR
2. Use that power in a POSITIVE way to empower and encourage

I choose to empower and encourage - what about you?

Remember...YOU hold the POWER of LOVE! part of that...always remember...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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