Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is a FACT! There is PROOF of this being true!

One of the things I LOVE about the Napoleon Hill book, "Think & Grow Rich" which we are using in our podcast discussions, is that he gives SPECIFIC guidelines and suggestions for us to follow IF we are serious about moving forward with our plans.

Again, are you PERSISTENT enough to follow through and KEEP following through on these?

Here is proof of this very thing in chapter 8. He gives FOUR (yes, only four!) steps to follow with the following heading:

1. Have a DEFINITE PURPOSE backed by a BURNING DESIRE to see it through!
2. Have a DEFINITE PLAN that is expressed through CONTINUOUS ACTION!
3. Have a mind CLOSED TIGHTLY against NEGATIVE and DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES!(even those from family and friends)
4. Have a FRIENDLY ALLIANCE with one or more people who will ENCOURAGE you to FOLLOW THROUGH on both your PLAN and your PURPOSE!
Now, I paraphrased these a little - but the main focus and point is still there. Do you want to learn how to develop persistence? HERE YOU GO! HERE IT IS!
Listen to the podcast as we discuss each of these steps a little more than I will do here but, notice the emphasis on PLAN and PURPOSE!
The need to close our minds TIGHTLY against the negative influences is a KEY POINT OF SURVIVAL to anyone that wishes to improve their lives - is it not? That's why I'm so glad you are taking the time to read this and follow along with the podcasts - YOU NEED THIS - WE ALL NEED THIS - I NEED THIS! Again, this is KEY!
I also read a quote that I found in Success magazine (by the way, this is an EXCELLENT magazine that I suggest you subscribe to...if not, check out their articles on-line at http://www.Success.com - you'll be glad you did!) that was from Donald Trump. Notice what he says...
"The number one key to being a successful entrepreneur or businessperson is, 'How do you respond to adversity?' When faced with a hardship, do you crumble and quit or do you stand up, take action and push through?"
Hey friend - only YOU can answer that question, but answer it you must!
Thanks for joining me today and, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"
Mike Spillman

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