Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Important Instructions on the DONATE Page for "Make-A-Wish"

Hey friend - just a quick note to help clear up any confusion that you may have when you go to the donation page for this special "Make-A-Wish Foundation" fundraiser that I am putting together.

Go to my home page - www.FutureYouUniversity.com
- click on the special banner at the top of my page for this effort
- once there you can read a personal message from me...when you are ready, click on the blue "donate" button

Once at the donation page, please PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING!!
- you can use one of the amounts already designated OR put in ANY amount that you'd like to donate (please consider a MINIMUM of $10 and do more if you are able)
- THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! ---- Do NOT change ANY of the information concerning the local chapter - do NOT fill in your zip code....just leave this section alone and leave it as it is (the TN - Mid-South Chapter should already be listed - that's what we want)........so, skip all of this and go on down to your own personal information.

Fill in your information along with your credit card info. and then, when done, click "submit" and you will be taken to a printable receipt. You will also receive this receipt in your email.

IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE donating on-line, please look at the article below this one and read how you can do it through the mail OR over the phone. Either way, just please make sure that you "earmark" Future You University so that they will be sure to add your donation to our total.

Again, THANKS IN ADVANCE for your help in this important effort - - - it's all about the POWER of LOVE!


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