Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Emotion of Success

The Emotion of Success

Happy? Sad? Melancholy? These are likely some of the words - mostly "happy" and "sad" that come across our mind when we think of emotions, right?

Although we may go through all of these from time to time as we journey along the pathway to success, this is not really what I'm referring to when I talk about the "Emotion of Success".

The idea for this article (and the podcast that goes with it) came from part of an article by Jim Rohn entitled, "It Is a Challenge to Succeed".

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Here is an excerpt from that article that I want to share with you for today: "I’ve often said that to have more, we must first become more, and to become more, we must begin the process of working harder on ourselves than we do on anything else. But in addition to gathering new knowledge, new skills and new experiences, it is also important to discover new emotions. It is how we feel about what we know that makes the biggest difference in how our lives turn out. How we feel about the chances we have and the choices we have determines the intensity of our effort. Whether we try or don’t try. Join or don’t join. Believe or don’t believe."

As I read this I cannot help but think about the fact that PASSION is also an emotion. And, from what I can deduct from this and other materials (and my own personal experience), it is one that is absolutely MANDATORY in order to achieve any level of success.

You cannot miss the point that Mr. Rohn makes about the necessity of IMPROVING ourselves in order to improve our lives! This is what my podcast and this blog is all about - helping you IMPROVE your mindset and your attitude so that you can be better equipped for the journey ahead.

The decisions you make as to whether you "try or don't try, join or don't join, believe or don't believe" all will come from your determination and your passion and your FEELING (emotion) about what this REALLY means to/for you and your family.

When you really consider this, THIS will be what determines if we even SEE the chances and choices that pass before us each and every day. I often hear people say, "I wish someone would just give me a chance!" while they sit around on their butts all day WAITING for someone to drop that chance in their lap. All the while chance after chance passes by their door day after day after day.

You've heard me say (or read my writings) how important the choices we make today are for our future. And, if you've read or listened to many others in this area of personal development they will have said the same thing.

What you do today MATTERS!

If your attitude and emotions are not in line with a person that is PASSIONATE about improving their lives then you will allow opportunities to pass through your fingers by NOT MAKING WISE CHOICES when they come your way.

Think about it!

Too many times we make the choice to NOT do something, to NOT read something and/or to NOT try something and, usually, we don't really have a good reason for NOT doing these things. We just decide NOT to and, many times in the process, have made a CHOICE to turn down opportunity.

Yeah, that's right - that knocking at the door just MIGHT BE opportunity!

I hope that this article - based on the wisdom of Jim Rohn - will challenge your thinking and encourage you to "put your antenna up" so that you can be aware of those choices that can lead to opportunity each and every day.

How do you feel about that?

Always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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