Thursday, June 10, 2010

Make Happiness Who You Are

Make Happiness Who You Are

Going through the process of not allowing our happiness to be dictated by people and/or things is, perhaps, one of the hardest things for us to do in the realm of developing a positive mindset.

It seems to be so easy to allow our emotions to be triggered by the smallest and most insignificant things and it also seems to be so hard to fight against that tendency.

Short and sweet, here is the key: CHANGE YOUR FOCUS!

Short and sweet, yes but easy, not necessarily!

If you will really look at our "happiness fixation" it really is usually based on what others can do or how "things" can or will make US happy, right?

C'mon, be honest.

That being said, we must admit then, that we are quite selfish in this area of happiness! And that is exactly why we must change our focus.

I believe that, in the area of personal development, the ONLY way that we can develop a happiness that comes from within (an inner peace) is by changing our focus from US to OTHERS.

Instead of, "what can you do to make ME happy?" we must work on changing that to, "what can I do to bring happiness to someone else's life?".

This is how - in tune with the title of this article - we can "make happiness who (we) are". We must work on making this a part of our DNA, so to speak and allow it to become a part of who we are!

It CAN be done. But it WILL take time.

Time alone won't get it done, however. Hey, time is going to pass one way or the other but it's what we DO with and during that passing time that matters.

Remember, this is a PROCESS and this process must include our involvement in it and it WILL take time! A little at a time and a little each day changing our focus from US to OTHERS will bring about the desired result of making "happy" just a part of who we are.

Regardless of what goes on around us and regardless of how people may treat us.

Now, get ready for this - even some that we try to help and serve will turn on us. That's right! But, again, why waste our energy and emotions on this by allowing their actions to control OUR emotions?

Just know that you attempted to serve and give of yourself and, for whatever reason (bad day, etc.) this particular person rejected it. So what? There are others that are waiting and willing to receive your act of kindness.


So...are you ready to begin the process?

Yes, others and things can BRING joy and happiness into our lives (aren't you thankful for that?) but we should never turn the power over to any person or any thing as to whether we can be happy or not.

That power and control is yours. Own it and use it for the benefit and betterment of those around you.

By doing so you will find that, indeed, "happiness is who you are"!

As you go along your way, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



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