Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Would YOU Do For...

What Would YOU Do For...

I hope you'll take the time to look over this again if you took at peak at it earlier today. I had posted a short message stating that I would not be able to do the blog for today because I was out of town getting my son signed up for college.

However, I have some "down time" and wanted to go ahead and put some thoughts up for today. (I do apologize for not having an image to go along with today's blog - I've gotten quite fond of those! I am at a "public computer" and am unable to save anything from the internet that I might decide to use).

So, the question is kind of "loaded", wouldn't you agree? I mean, it's kind of hard to answer it since I left it "open ended" like I did.

If you took the time to listen to the podcast (if not, be sure you do!) then you know I had just finished watching the very end of an episode from "America's Got Talent" in which the host of the show made the comment, "I wouldn't do THAT for a million dollars!" while watching someone swallow a sword and a "moving" drill.

Which made me think, "What would YOU do for a million dollars?" Hey, don't even make it a million dollars, what about $50,000 - which is what the contestants of the reality show, "Fear Factor" played for and which I mistakenly said was $25,000 (still nothing to "sneeze at").

When you consider some of these reality shows and what they ask contestants to do in order to even have the CHANCE to win that money, you soon realize that people are willing to do just about anything for money! I've even seen one where they offer people as little as $10 to do some really stupid and, often, disgusting act. Surprisingly, many say "yes" without even giving the hosts a chance to offer more - which, still, isn't much at all.

Here's the thing - some of these people that are more than willing to do unspeakable things to themselves and put unspeakable things into their bodies likely do not have the characteristics necessary to design a life that would ensure them the million dollars many times over.

Too many times we see the lights and camera - which, is also a main reason many of these people participate - and aren't willing to get involved in a day to day routine that could lead us to a life of financial security that we can only imagine at this time in our lives. what about YOU?

I really hope you will consider this and really think about the fact that what you do TODAY (and each "TODAY" that you have)can do far more for you than a stint on one of these reality television shoes.

But will you do it? Are you willing? Are you determined enough? Again, the fact is - only YOU can make that decision and only YOU can take the action necessary.

One other thing that I mentioned in the podcast was when I thought about the fact that on some of these shows (such as "America's Got Talent" or "American Idol" or any variation for the different countries) actually reward people for their TALENT! And, in reality, only those that have the drive, the determination, the PASSION to keep after it regardless of any roadblocks will be able to make it to the end.

Now, let me ask you this question - are you willing to use your "talents" and abilities for the betterment of those around you even if there is no promise of a monetary reward?

Although the reward may not be monetary - there IS a reward when any of us does this by serving those around us in our own special way.

Maybe it's just the way you always have a smile that brightens everyone's day. Perhaps it is a word of encouragement that you so easily give. Whatever it is and in whatever way you give it - please keep on doing that! YOU make the world a better place by what you do right now, right where you are!

Well friends, I must get back to some things at hand - but thank you for taking the time to read this blog entry. Again, if you haven't had the chance, take the time to listen to the podcast that you can find on the main website:

And, whatever you do and wherever you do it - as you go through your day, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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