Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R U Running on Empty?

R U Running on Empty?

During my podcasts you will hear me talk about "Magical Monday", "Turn-around Tuesday" and "Wide-Open Wednesday" and about the fact that, what happens in your life and to your life is up to you. This makes it magical and wide-open because YOU can turn it around!

Now, see, if you have a hard time believing those things then, trying to incorporate them into your life is kind of like getting behind the wheel of a car that has an empty gas tank. You won't get anywhere.

Yes, I know (based on yesterday's podcast and blog) that I emphasize that only YOU can make this happen. In other words, even with a FULL gas tank YOU still have to put the key in the ignition, turn it on, put it in gear and steer it down the road.

But, again, if the tank is empty - you're going no where.

The truth is, as I recorded the podcast for today last night - and still even today - I feel as if my tank is empty! Yeah, it happens to me, too.

Here are a couple of reasons - and things you can check out for yourself as well:

1. My tank is empty because I've not been putting the "fuel" in the tank! Well, duh! But it happens very easily when I (or you) don't "feed ourselves" by reading, etc. those positive materials that keep our mindset where it needs to be. I realized that lately I have not been reading the materials that I usually read that keep me going. So, again, it is up to ME in this area to do what is needed and to make sure I am putting "fuel" in my tank!

2. My tank is empty because I need feedback, input, etc. from YOU! Now, although it is up to ME, I still need others - just as you do. This is the idea behind the "Mastermind Group" that Napoleon Hill talks about in his classic, "Think & Grow Rich" (get it for free - just pay S/H @ http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com ). The strength and charge we get from sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals. On this part, I also can compare this to dipping water out of a well to share with others without ever making sure that I take some of the water for myself. Sooner or later, I've got to be refreshed as well.

So, bottom line - part of this "empty" feeling is due to what I have failed to do in my own life and part of it is because I need feedback from YOU! And, that, for the most part, I have failed to receive from you, friend.

Please know that I'm not "whining", I'm simply talking and sharing from my heart and also trying to help you understand how important it is to not only RECEIVE but to also GIVE BACK.

Yes, I need it too!

If you would, if you are "out there" and reading this and/or listening to my blog - please leave a comment here on this blog. I'd appreciate it and it may also spur someone else on to do the same.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll survive. I'll thrive. But, right now....I need to refuel.

Thanks, friend.

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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