Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Your Job!?

So, I'm guessing that, like me, you have often heard that to be able to find a job doing what you LOVE keeps it from feeling like a job, right? "It's not work!", when you find this type of situation. To GET PAID doing something that, likely, we'd do for free? Heck yeah, sign me up!
My guess is that there are some of you reading this right now that DO work at a job that you love. I have known of several people over my lifetime that absolutely LOVED what they did. Friend, if that is you, you are truly blessed!
I've had one job like that. Now, when I say "one job", I guess a better description would be that I had a career that I loved and I did the "job" that went with it to several different towns and states. I would work 80 - 100 hours a week and I loved it! Why? Because no one was telling me that I HAD to do it but, rather, I was doing it because I WANTED to!
Is that possible for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.
However, I believe that Bob Proctor addresses how each one of us can help IMPROVE how we approach our current situation. In other words, here are some thoughts on how to not just survive your place of work, but how to learn to THRIVE.
And, who knows, you may even begin to find a way to enjoy - dare I even say "love" - that job.
So, once again, the parts that are highlighted below are the thoughts that come from Bob Proctor and the rest are thoughts of my own about this.
Don't allow others to control your life by REACTING to whatever they say or do.   
This is easier said (or "read" in this case) than done! But here's the deal - you will never find ANY place to work that will not involve others. Hey, even if you "work-from-home" you will STILL have to deal with people! And, that being said, we all have to deal with our reactions to the issues that come from working with other people.
You also know that there are SOME people out there that actually LOVE to "push your button" so that they CAN get a reaction out of you.
And we let them and say something like, "They make me so mad!".
No, friend. They cannot "make" you do anything. They cannot control your emotions. Only YOU can do that! The fact is - and you already know this - that we ALLOW them to have this control by continuing to react to whatever they say or do.
Controlling this and making this type of change is one reason (if not one of the BEST reasons) that is it so important to continuously "arm yourself" with positive information like this blog and my podcasts!
It IS possible to develop the kind of mindset that will allow you to still be around people like this with it not having ANY negative effect on you. It is likely that, by developing such a mindset, you will begin to have a HUGE impact on those that work with you and your influence will grow and spread.
Promotion anyone?
Reacting to people and/or circumstances have put them or the situation in control of your life! 
Need I say anymore? It IS your life and it is time to stop allowing others to have "control" over what is yours! Don't think that you can't, because, friend, YOU CAN!
It is a process and it does take time. But it CAN be done and you are in the right place to begin that journey. Feel free to contact me with suggestions on who are some others to read and listen to as well as where you may be able to find such information.
Who knows, a little bit further down the road you may find that you - yes YOU - actually end up LOVING your job!
Now, pay attention to how all of this goes along with how I always close out my articles as well as my podcasts...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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