Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Map of My Journey (so far)

Wow, it just hit me as I was looking at the title of this post.
Have YOU ever thought about looking back over your life and imagining what it would look like as a map of where all you've been from a particular "starting point"?
Perhaps from your birth or whenever it was that you had goals and ambitions that you wanted to achieve. I don't know, maybe when you graduated High School or college and you had particular and maybe even specific ideas of what you were going to accomplish in your life.
Now, this is NOT an exercise in looking back in regret but simply an exercise in taking a look at the journey that we have been on.
Most of us probably envisioned this journey as one that was pretty much a straight line from point A to point B.
But, looking back, how straight is the path that has been taken so far?
That should make you smile!
Now, think of this: You're still here, friend. AND, you're still plugging along, right?
And, as you consider all of this, you discover that all of these "side-treks" that you have taken and all of the roadblocks all play a part in making you who you are today.
Take a few minutes (it's about 12 or 13 minutes which is about twice as long as usual) to listen to the podcast on iTunes or the RSS feed that goes along with this article to hear me talk about my journey along the way.
Yeah, I could type it all in here but, to me, there is just something "more" about hearing someone talk about their experiences.
What I talk about is not only jobs that I have had that were not what I had planned to be doing, but also all of the different "opportunities" or "home based business" ideas that I have tried with various levels of success over the past 25 or so years.
Just take a look at this: water purifiers, some kind of fiber cookies, buying "knick knack" items at wholesale and selling them for retail at flea markets, etc., some sort of electric gadget for business to use to save them money on their electric bill, business ads on maps,
opening a store selling badges and buttons that had cute little sayings and/or pictures on them, working at two different car dealerships, working as a sales rep at a chemical cleaner company, working at a lumber yard supply company as well as a grocery store, selling vacuum cleaners door to door  and a paper route.
Yeah. And all of that was in one town over the course of about five or six years.
I'm not going to type the rest of it here but let me tell you, this was just one place that I lived and tried different things and there are about six others. Listen to the podcast...LISTEN TO THE PODCAST so you can hear all of the rest.
Why am I sharing all of this? Because I want you to understand that I have "been there, done that"....literally.
But I have never given up and I will NEVER give up!
Oh, I've been close. There have been some very dark and depressing times through all of that but, friend, I'm still moving forward.
I've gotten more focused over time and more determined and, now, I feel that I have finally connected with the right company to take me - finally - where I plan to be.
Side note: You can find the website on this in the last blog post that I put up. Not trying to sell you anything or persuade you to do anything. I'm simply sharing information that may be just what you - or someone you know - are looking for.
I feel like it's similar to the lyrics in the chorus from a song I've many times over my lifetime:
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert's bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
 And I'm still going and going and going like that big rabbit on the television commercials.
Stay focused and committed to where you want to go and do NOT allow anyone or anything to stop you!
And, yeah, I do think I have a right and the ability to say that to you.
I hope you agree and I hope this has encouraged you to keep going.... regardless.
And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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