Monday, January 27, 2014

Refuse to Turn Back!

Hopefully you are familiar with the movie "Vacation" that I have referred to in an earlier article because I'm going to refer to it again! (Not to mention that it's one of my favorite movies!).
If not, I'll put together a very short recap of the movie: A family of 4 travels cross country with all kinds of set backs and unplanned "adventures" only to arrive at the theme park that they had planned to enjoy and find that it was temporarily closed.
What would YOU do?
Seriously, even if you are not familiar with the movie at all, I want you to imagine such a scenario and ask yourself what you'd do. Would you just get back in your car and drive back across the country without even trying to figure out a way to at least see what the problem is with this placed being closed?
Now, if you ARE familiar with the movie you may not go to the extent that Clark Griswold went to in the movie but, at the same time, you can likely understand his actions, right?
My wife and I did experience a very similar situation a few years back. We had planned to spend several days at a resort and had called about 5 days earlier and got everything set up. When we arrived at the resort the big gate was closed and it, too, had a "we're closed" sign on the gate. Yes, I DID feel like Clark Griswold! Friends, I was not about to just drive away from the gate without talking to someone! There was a box by the gate that would allow me to talk to someone to open the gate and let me in when things were "normal" in this situation.
Anyway, to get to the point, I pushed the button on that box and left messages again and again until someone finally came to the gate to talk to me. I actually left a message that told them that I was NOT going to leave until someone came up to talk to me! And they did.
Bottom line, they had some unforeseen issues arise since I had gotten everything set up that was completely out of their control. I was still not happy and I let them know that someone should have contacted me but, what was I to do?
After being assured that nothing would be charged to my credit card we simply moved on and made alternative plans! But, I was NOT going to go back home just because of that set back!
What does this have to do with YOU trying to reach your goals and dreams?
Refuse to quit  - Refuse to turn back!
Regardless of the roadblocks and unplanned "adventures" that will be a challenge - REFUSE TO TURN BACK!
Even if the "gate" is closed after your long journey.
We'll talk more specifically about that in the next article. Be sure to join me!
And, as you go along your day be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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