Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2nd of 4 Agreements (Don't Take it Personal)

- Nothing Others Do is Because of You -
- What Others Say and Do is a Projection of Their Own Reality, Their Own Dream -
- When You Are Immune to the Opinions and Actions of Others, You Won't Be
the Victim of Needless Suffering -
* * *
How easily do your "feathers get ruffled"?
When you see a group of people talking and you are not part of that group, do you think they are talking about YOU?
Are you easily offended?
Perhaps you take too many things personally. What do you say?
I really don't know what causes us to be that way sometimes and, obviously, some people struggle with this problem more than others but, bottom line is that it comes from a sense of insecurity that developed somewhere along the way.
Sometimes it may also be a part of growing up being told to behave in front of company or when at someone else's home or even (if caught doing something "wrong") being asked, "What would the neighbors think?"
I was a minister for years and, friend, when you are a minister you DO feel like you live in a "glass house"! When you literally watch over your shoulder and wonder what someone else will think on even the smallest of things it becomes easy to take things personally. It becomes EASY to always be concerned about what everyone else thinks.
I could spend a LOOOONG time on that but I choose to move on instead of focus on that part of my life. But, here is the question for you to consider: Have you put yourself - or allowed yourself - to be put "under the microscope" and, if so, WHY?
*NOTE: "Not caring about what anyone else thinks" can also take the role of being rude and inconsiderate. Be careful with that and help your children understand the difference. We do live in a society that seems to be losing a level of respect and consideration of others and developing more of a focus on ME, ME, ME.
Know this: There are some people that live simply to make those around them miserable. Why? Because they are miserable and can't stand to see anyone else happy. TRUE FACT!
Do not allow "the miserables" to drag you down with them and do NOT allow their opinions and lack of respect for themselves to bring you down to try to live according to their "rules".
I do know this...it seems that the older I get the easier it gets to not care so much about everyone else's opinion. I do my best to live an honorable, trustworthy and respectful life and I'm still working on that at times. But, friend, at some point, we must all learn to block out any negativity in any form that comes our way.
One way to do that is by doing exactly what you're doing right now....reading something POSITIVE that will help you in this battle.
Good job! Keep it up and, as you do so, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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