Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Knowlege, Hard Work or Attitude?

I've seen this "floating around" Facebook for the past week or so and finally decided to take a look at it and, well, you can see for yourself that it IS actually very interesting!
What's more important? Knowledge or hard work?
What about attitude?
Sure, this is very interesting and, indeed, it may be a coincidence but, it is also VERY thought-provoking and right on track to what is actually TRUTH!
While knowledge and hard work are BOTH very important and necessary for success, they are NOTHING without a good, positive attitude!
Just look around you and you'll find evidence for yourself, friend.
Oh, I know. There are some higher up than you are that know far less than you do. That's sad but it is a reality that we face in the workplace. Sometimes - many times - it's because of "who they know" that got them there but, be patient, they often won't - and CAN'T - stay there for long.
Too, I know that you can look around and find those that are higher up than you that likely don't work nearly as hard as you do. Pretty much the same scenario as I've already discussed and, be patient, many times the same results will eventually occur.
However, I bet that if you pay much attention to any of those people, you will also find that they are greatly lacking in the ATTITUDE area. Oh, they may have an "attitude" alright, but it's not a positive and helpful attitude, right?
When you combine knowledge, hard work AND a good, positive attitude together then, friend, you have a WINNING COMBINATION! And, if you have a winning combination then you just need to "stay the course" and things will be good for you and your future!
Many people get "let go" and are replaced because of the simple fact that they ARE replaceable!
With the winning combination that I just talked about, you will make yourself IRreplaceable and in high demand, not only at your current workplace but at other places as well.
Coincidence? I'm still not sure how that worked out with those numbers on that sheet of paper but, friend, it will NOT be a coincidence if things go well for you when you put together that "winning combination" as a part of your life.
And, as you do so, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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