Sunday, August 31, 2014

What to Do With STRESS


STRESS...I'm sure you've felt the strain of stress in your life. Am I right? Stress can literally strangle you to the point of being unable to breathe.
Without going into details, let me just say that my wife and I have experienced quite a bit of stress over the past couple of months and, just as I described, it had gotten to the point that it was literally hard to breathe and even sleep.
A few years ago I shared with you the story of a "special message" that I kept getting one afternoon while out on a ride on my motorcycle. On two or three signs (I don't remember which now) I saw the message, "Believer in Yourself". This got my attention! The SAME message on different signs on the same day? And then, as I was riding back through my home town, I passed an insurance office with one of those scrolling signs and caught the very tail end of a message. I have no idea what the first part was but, the part that I saw as I passed was, "...and YOURSELF!".
That day I wrote that message down - "Believe in Yourself and Others!" - and even have it as my background on one of my computers.
Now, that has nothing to do with today's message except for the fact that I could not miss another situation in which a particular message kept getting my attention a couple of days ago.
This time it was on my Facebook news feed. I "subscribe" to a lot of different pages and receive a lot of good, positive messages from these sources. However, the other day STRESS was working hard on my wife and I and was literally choking the life out of me. It was hard to remain focused and positive due to this fact.
All on the same day, but THIS was the first notice of the day that got my attention:
Wow, I thought that this was pretty powerful since it spoke specifically about STRESS and since this was something that was greatly affecting my thought process and even my very ability to think clearly. Then, during the same few minutes, I scrolled down the page just a little further, and I came across the next graphic:

Now, here's the deal.....I KNOW THIS STUFF and I often share such thoughts with YOU!
But friend, never forget that I, too, am human and that I struggle with things like this just as you do. I think - and I hope - that I always make this very clear in the things that I write and the things that you hear me say through my podcast.
So, even though this last graphic didn't say anything SPECIFIC about "stress" it still hit home and got my attention, especially when combined with the graphic above it that I had come across just moments before.
And then, to top it all off, I scrolled down the SAME page, on the SAME day, within the SAME few minutes and found this graphic:

Now friend, you tell me...if this series of graphics "appeared" to you in a matter of moments in the circumstance that I have described, would it get YOUR attention?
I wish I could say that I IMMEDIATELY copied these graphics on to my computer...but that would be a lie. I waited a few hours with these things going through my head and thinking about how they came to my attention and THEN I went back and copied them to my computer KNOWING that I would be using them to share with you like this.
The "Law of Attraction" simply speaks to the fact that the thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. that you PUT OUT is what will "come back" to you.
Here's a quick illustration to help clarify this "law" and how it works. Have you ever bought a particular make and model of automobile and then begin to notice how many similar automobiles just like yours are out there? They've been out there all of the time but NOW that you have your focus on what it is that you are driving, it's as if your eyes have been opened to that very particular make and model.
Make sense?
I don't know, maybe you needed to see these same graphics today. Maybe this message today was exactly what you needed to read. If not you, then maybe someone else.
That's why it's so important to share this with those that you know - whether you think they need it or not. You may not know what it is that THEY are struggling with and, perhaps, without your knowledge, THIS is what they needed to read today.
Thanks for your time and thank you for sharing this with others.
Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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