Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Making Adjustments

Are YOU willing to "adjust your sails" if necessary?
Sometimes we can get stubborn and refuse to adjust our sails. This, ultimately, will often lead to disaster. Depending upon how one uses them, sails can be your friend or your worst enemy!
Perhaps more than we realize, life is like that of being in a boat guided by the wind. Sometimes, as Jimmy Dean said, you must adjust your sails in order to reach your destination. This means that, sometimes, you may have to take a different course - a different path - in order to reach the same, original destination that you had set out for yourself.
We can become so stubborn about "staying the course" that, in the midst of a storm, we can actually do more harm than good. Make sense? Though I've never sailed, I do understand that, at times, you must actually drop your sails - bring them down - in order to survive and not be crushed by the wind and the storm.
Does this mean that you've given up? Does this mean that you've quit?
Not at all. It simply means that you understand the need for adjustments in your life.
You see, one of two things are happening: You're either NOT adjusting your sails and you are being taken wherever the wind takes you OR you are adjusting your sails to have that ship take you where YOU determine to go.
Have you ever had to take a detour while traveling? I'm sure you have. You had to take a different route or course due to some roadblock, right?
Did that mean that you gave up on reaching your destination? Not at all. It simply means that you had to make an adjustment due to unforeseen obstacles that required you to alter your original plans.
Adjustment does not mean failure. Failing to adjust, many times, will bring about failure.
Think about that and, friend, don't be afraid - or too stubborn - to adjust your sail in order to reach your destination. You will find that this is necessary in every area of your life.
The choice is yours.Choose wisely.
And, as you go about this journey called "life", always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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