Monday, October 6, 2014

DAILY Opportunity

I read an article in a discussion forum earlier today entitled, "We Only Have One Opportunity in Life". There was a video attached and it was a good video featuring a very well-known man in the area of personal development.
That phrase WAS actually used in that video but, overall, the emphasis was about the fact that we have opportunities (plural) that come and go and that we have but one LIFE to live.
Now, I don't think the guy that wrote the article actually believed that there is only ONE opportunity in our life but, that's what the title read and, that being so, I felt the need to share my thoughts on the matter.
What did I say? "Absurd!"
Now, I was nice about it but I did want to make sure and point out that this idea was flawed. I did mention the things that I've already shared with you in this article in a way that didn't come across as an attack.
However, I wanted to be sure that ANYONE that read that article would NOT take it as fact.
Can you imagine believing that there was but ONE opportunity that comes our way in our life? What if you miss it? What then?
Friend, there are opportunities that come our way EVERY SINGLE DAY! That's one reason I specifically picked the graphic that you see above. Most of the graphics had the word, "opportunity" (singular) featured. But there are opportunities (plural) abundant in our life!
Sometimes we put too much emphasis on ONE opportunity missed. Sometimes we see people cry and bemoan the fact that they missed that opportunity and, in extreme situations, we actually see people take their own lives due to this fact.
That is really sad.
Yes, some opportunities are "bigger" than others but, friend, who is to say that there is not a "bigger" opportunity headed our way in the future?
Here's the deal: Live today with your eyes open for opportunity. Perhaps the opportunity to touch someones life with an act of kindness. Perhaps the opportunity to put a smile on the face of another. Perhaps opportunity in which you will never see the end result.
Every day. EVERY day.
And, friend, TODAY is one of those days! Take advantage of those opportunities that WILL come your way. And, as you do so, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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