Thursday, October 9, 2014

Growing Opportunities (Part 3)

Career Opportunities
I'm always amazed at how many young people get so selective when looking for a summer job. It "boggles my mind" when I hear a young person say, "But I don't WANT to work at a fast food restaurant!" or "I don't WANT to mow yards!".

Even worse? An adult that will say pretty much the same thing while whining and complaining about not having a job.

OPPORTUNITIES come across our path each and every day. Sometimes they are BIG opportunities but, often, they are smaller opportunities that many of us either ignore or never pay attention to in the first place.

This seems to be true in this area of job or career opportunities. Just like I mentioned in the last article concerning how too many are waiting for the lottery jackpot to fall into their lap, so it is with too many waiting for their "dream job" to suddenly appear.

Remember, small opportunities can grow into big opportunities over time. (If you haven't read the last couple of articles, you really need to do that in order to be "on the same page" with me as I continue those thoughts in today's article).

Do a little research and find out how many people at the TOP of some companies began their journey at the very BOTTOM of that same company. They started "small", stuck with it and worked hard as they worded their way UP into a "larger" and better opportunity.

You never know what can come out of an opportunity to work. So what if it's not your "dream" job? You never know WHO you may meet along the way of working a job and you never know where that particular job may take you. You may find your "dream" job WITHIN this company by starting off with a "smaller" job opportunity.

We want it all NOW!

It's very similar to young couples getting married and wanting to move into a big house with nice furniture, etc. just like their parents had when they grew up. They don't realize that their parents worked YEARS to gain those things.

We live in an "instant" society and it spills over into our idea of work and employment.

GROW those opportunities that come your way! Don't ignore them and don't let them pass you by!

20/20 hindsight kicks me often about such situations. But, I can't go back - YOU can't go back - and relive the past. I (and you) must learn from the mistake of letting opportunities pass us by and be DETERMINED to not let that happen again.

The only way that happens is to KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for those opportunities. I think they cross our path more often than we realize.

See what happens when you allow yourself to do what it takes to GROW those opportunities. I think you may very well surprise yourself!

And, as you watch, apply and grow them, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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