Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Growing Opportunities - Part 1

Financial Opportunity - Part 1
As we discussed in the last article, opportunity is around us each day that we are alive. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don't. And, there are even times that we see it but, for whatever reason, we still don't take advantage of that opportunity.
In this article, and the one to follow, we're going to take a look at growing FINANCIAL opportunities that are available to us on a daily basis. Then, we're going to apply those same principles to growing CAREER opportunities that are available to us as well.
First of all, too many people are waiting for that BIG opportunity to fall into their lap and ignore smaller opportunities that cross their path every day. Too many are waiting for the lottery to come their way and, waste away day after day and dollar after dollar chasing this big "dream".
I'm sure, like me, you've heard and/or read stories about school teachers that retired very wealthy. It was NOT because they got some HUGE award or MAJOR raise along the way. No, it was because they took advantage of the "little opportunities" that came their way to put away some of their paycheck for the future.
Some of you already don't like where this is headed and, friend, that is a problem. Too many people whine and complain about not having enough money and yet don't want to hear ANYTHING about cutting back or saving money in order to grow their earnings.
I once new an older gentleman that was not ashamed to stoop over and pick up pennies. Here's the contrast: the pennies were being thrown out on the car lot by a younger man that said he was "feeding the lot so that the lot would feed him". Stupid. This was a car sales lot where I worked at about fifteen years or so ago. The younger guy would throw out pennies every day and, from time to time the older gentleman would pick them up and put them in HIS pocket.
Did he get rich off of those pennies? No, but it was the MINDSET that he had that, I promise you, put him in a much better financial position than the fool throwing the pennies away on a daily basis.
If you've not done so, be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page, fill in your information, and then read up on the information about how to become DEBT FREE. Removal of debt is the #1 way that most - if not all - of us can INCREASE our financial wealth without having to go out and get a second (or third) job.
Yet, too many won't do that. I'm not saying you have to buy the course. What I AM saying is that too many people do NOT want to change anything and, yet,  they whine that they don't have enough money.
We'll talk more about that in the next article but I did want to leave you with this information that I shared on the podcast. You can listen in to get some of the ideas there, but I'll share the link with you on how Dave Ramsey says that you can retire a millionaire by just setting back $35 a week. Go HERE to read it for yourself.
"But I don't have an extra $35 a week to set back!". Come back and, in the next article, I'll show you that you likely DO have that  - and MORE - available for you to set back for your FUTURE opportunities.
But it all begins with SMALL opportunities that are before us on a daily basis.
Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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