Friday, October 24, 2014

Join Me on This Journey?

What Have YOU Spent $20 (U.S.) On This Week?
Many of you know that, from time to time, I check out different "opportunities" out there and, for the most part, I've been very disappointed in what I have found.
As a matter of fact, very soon I'm going to specifically mention two different "opportunities" that are flat-out scams. Yes, I will make sure you know EXACTLY what/who they are and why I say they are scams.
I've still always believed - even KNOWN - that there ARE "real" opportunities to make money and even a living doing something online. I know for a fact that there are people that do it every single day.
The problem is making your way through that "mine field" of all of the scams that are out there.
Now, let me say this up front: I do not know 100% how this opportunity I'm sharing with you in this article will turn out. I'm not going to promise anything or even suggest anything, as far as results.
Sound o.k. to you?
As a matter of fact, I'm even going to suggest to you that, when you watch the video that I have a link to below, that you not pay any attention to the "big numbers" that are presented as possibilities in the video. O.k.?
Here's the few things I DO want to mention to you and ask that you consider seriously:
     1. This is only a ONE TIME cost of $18 "out of pocket". You heard me right. This is not a "beginning cost" at some basic level that isn't worth two cents. (The video will explain how this works for you). Can you put more money into it? Sure you can. Some people, for example, put more $$ into it for advertising. I don't plan to do that - at least not for now - and you don't have to either. That would be 100% up to you. (That's why I have that $20 bill up at the top. Do you realize how quickly most of us spend $20?)
     2. What if it takes longer than the few weeks that is talked about in the video? WHO CARES? What if it took you a year to even reach the $100k amount, would that be o.k. with you? What if it even took two years to do that? Would that really matter to you? But, WHAT IF you were able to reach even that amount quicker than a year or two?
     3. As you'll see in the video, you're not trying to sell something or keep someone using something. It's simple and, the way I'm looking at it, THIS CAN BE A LOT OF FUN getting others involved and then watching this thing grow. LOOK AT HOW SMALL THE "RISK" IS!!!
     4. The "spill over effect" will help you fill up your spaces. Enough said about that. :)
     5. THIS IS GLOBAL! This is NOT limited to the United States so, those of you that are reading this from other countries (and I know I have a lot of people that do) should be able to participate.
     6. You don't have to "take care" of all the people that sign up under you or that get placed under you. NO BABYSITTING!
So, anyway, I'd love it if you'd at least take a look. Ask me questions and I'll do the best I can to answer them but, if you watch carefully, I think you'll find most questions answered.
Are you ready to have some FUN while having the possibility to actually make some real money online? Then, after you've watched the video, sign up with me and we'll ride this train together!
Here's the link...remember, WHAT IF?

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