Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Great Way to Bless Someone's Life

As I type this, it is the 21st of December. That means that Christmas is "right around the corner" and it also means that there are many people around you (whether you realize it or not) that will struggle to provide any kind of Christmas for their children again this year.
This doesn't have to be about Christmas, however. It is a GREAT way to bless the lives of other people ANY time of the year. Keep that in mind and plan to incorporate this all through the year...I think it can become highly addictive!
But, for now, I want to focus on the few days that are left before Christmas and challenge and encourage you to JUMP ON BOARD and make some magic happen! I know I'm right when I say that many of us wish there were more ways to help others...well, here ya' go!
Take a $10 bill and PAY IT FORWARD!
Sure, by itself, that $10 bill may not be able to do a whole lot but, at the same time, in the hands of a person that is really struggling, it may do far more than you can imagine.
But, what IF you can easily multiply that $10 bill into an amount that is far beyond what you may imagine? Here are some simple ideas that I will share with you but I want to challenge you to brainstorm even more and come up with MORE ideas to make this EXTRAordinary!
1. FAMILY: Get each member of your immediate family to add $10 each and then find a family that would be blessed by this contribution. With all of these ideas, find such a family and bless their life.
2. FRIENDS: What if you could call 10 other friends and have them contribute $10 each? You can do this easy math, right? That little $10 bill turns into $100 very quickly. Do the math and find out what would happen if you got 20 friends involved...30 friends? Do you think this might make a difference in the life of someone? You might even consider helping more than one person or family, depending on how many people you get involved.
3. GROUPS or ORGANIZATIONS: Do you belong to a group or organization? Do you attend a Bible class at your church? How about a civic organization? What about your workplace? The list is endless and I want to encourage you to STEP UP, have fun, get excited about this idea and see what can happen!
Here's a couple of more ideas to make this fun:
 - Deliver this money yourself and see the joy and happiness on the face of the one(s) that you bless.
 - Send someone else to deliver this gift and remain anonymous.
MAIN POINT: Have fun with this and know that you can QUICKLY make a huge impact on the life of an individual or a family.
I just wanted to get this out there and share it with you as quickly as I could and, yes, I've done this myself.
GET YOUR FAMILY - ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN - INVOLVED IN THIS and teach some valuable lessons on what it is to share and bless others.
Until next time, whatever you do...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is goin to do it for you?)"

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