Sunday, December 28, 2014

A New Year - NOW WHAT?

"Here's to chasing dreams and living life!"
This quote comes from a young man that I have known since he was a teenager. He posted this on a social media page after receiving many well-wishes on his recent birthday and, after thanking everyone for their wishes and mentioning how great this past year was, he ended with the quote that you see above.
I LOVE that phrase and I told him so....CHASING DREAMS and LIVING LIFE!
What about you? It's that time of the year again when most people make their list of "New Year's Resolutions" that, usually, will last about a month, maybe two before they are put aside.
I'd like to make one suggestion and then hit my main point for this "New Year's Week" article...
     POINT:  DON'T make a "list" of things as a part of your "New Year's Resolutions". Why do you need to supposedly focus on several different things? Why, if you rarely accomplish even one, would you want to add more to that? Pick ONE thing and give it your best to accomplish that one thing in the coming year. The rest of this article will focus on that idea with a little different "slant".
I haven't done the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing for quite some time now. However, I have continued to have goals that I have worked to achieve. And, like many others, many of these goals are still being pursued.
What I have found is this: The longer it takes you to achieve a goal, the more likely it is that you will NOT actually achieve that goal. Why? Because the longer it takes, the "dimmer" that "spark" becomes that got you going in the first place.
Many times there are detours and/or roadblocks that will test your dedication to achieving your goal(s) but, for those of you that are determined, they will only DELAY your arrival.
What I'm going to suggest for you is what I am doing in my own life for 2015:
     Narrow it all down to ONE main thing you want to accomplish and then make sure you give it
     your best effort!
It's almost identical to what I mentioned earlier but it may have one twist for you, as it does for me.
For me, I'm not coming up with a NEW goal or "resolution". I'm actually going to focus on ONE goal that I've had for several years now and, honestly, that I feel I've let slip further away than it needs to be.
Make sense?
Remember what I said about that "spark" becoming "dimmer" the longer it takes to achieve that goal? I feel that this is what has happened in my life and I see evidence every day that reminds me that I MUST go for this goal in order to bring about real fulfillment and happiness in my life.
What is it for you? Is there something in YOUR life that you've had on your "list" but, like me, you've found that you really haven't put as much into it as it requires?
Is there something that you are sick and tired of STILL not having accomplished in your life? Isn't it time to finally get it done, once and for all?
That's where I am. I have no other goals or "resolutions" on my list but I do have this ONE thing! I must quit talking about it and I must quit simply "planning" for it..."planning" equals "making plans" instead of putting those plans into practice.
FIND IT! Uncover it! Dust it off...what is REALLY important to you? Have you lost sight? Have you lost that "spark" and that "vision" that you once had?
Perhaps you have learned a few things from the detours and roadblocks. Hopefully you have learned SOMETHING along the way. Detours and roadblocks can be blessings in disguise but only if we learn along the way.
I feel compelled to say this, however. Obviously, if your goal is to get married and have 5 kids of your own in the next year then, unless you marry someone that already has at least 4 kids and you and your new spouse have a kid over the next year, that's just not going to happen, right? Instead, why not set the goal of actually taking the time to work on yourself and to also take the time to find the right person with whom you could spend the rest of your life?
One step at a time.
Whatever you do, remember this: 2014 passed by one day at a time and, now, here we are, at the end of the year. Guess what? 2015 will transpire in exactly the same way. What you do with each day matters.
Never forget that and, from my family to yours...

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