Sunday, December 7, 2014

Promote the POSITIVE!

In a world full of negativity, why would you EVER want to promote ANYTHING but positive influence? Whether it be thoughts, spoken or written words or even posts on your preferred social media outlet...why would you want to do anything else?
Many of us would like to think that we would never participate or promote anything of a negative nature yet, many of us do just that.
Would you like to do a little experiment? Check your posts on your preferred social media page over the past few months Seriously, take the time to take a look and see what you find.
I have been guilty as well...especially during the recent mid-term elections in the political arena. I like to think that I caught myself on this and backed off on such activity and I hope that, if you find that you have promoted negative thoughts and ideas, you'll do the same.
This really came to the forefront for me just yesterday. A "connection" of mine on my personal social media page posted a video that did nothing but promote continued hype that is so prevalent in our media at this time. Instead of promoting positive information (or even just refraining from ANY additional input on the topic), they chose to add to the negativity surrounding this hyped up topic.
I don't need or want to see or read this type of negativity and I sure don't want it on my social media page for others to see or read so I "got rid of them", which prohibited them from posting anything further on my page.
Extreme action? Some might think so but, for me, it demonstrates how serious I am about such negativity.
Here's the simple message for today, friend: PROMOTE THE POSITIVE and leave the rest alone.
This applies on your social media pages as well as your workplace, your relationship with your friends and, yes, even your family.
Try this approach this week and see what happens.
Determine - beginning today, for a week - that you will not promote, repeat or share ANYTHING that is negative in any way.
You will find that this is more difficult than you might first imagine but, it can be done. It's a challenge that you CAN face and achieve.
You will find other helpful aides as you go through the rest of this week reading the coming blog articles as well as listening to the podcasts. (I'm changing to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday format now).
Friend, the world needs you to do this and show others that it can be done.
Start NOW and check your progress at the end of the day.
Until next time, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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