Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Goes Up...

We've all heard the saying, "What Goes Up, Must Come Down", right? I even have some "Blood, Sweat and Tears" featured on the podcast, singing the song, "Spinning Wheel", which starts off with this phrase.
The idea behind the phrase is, basically, your actions are like a boomerang...what you "throw" out there WILL come back!
Are you o.k. with that?
Yes, this is a continuation of what we discussed in the last article and podcast. Yet, I feel the need to continue this discussion because I see the lack of understanding of this concept literally, every single day.
My supervisor is completely stressed out every time I see her. As a matter of fact, before I was officially hired at this company, she told me that it was a stressful job...VERY stressful. Yet, what I have found to be true is this: SHE is stressed...VERY stressed and MY part of the job is not really stressful at all.
Sure, my job is completely different than hers but, this makes a very important point in how all of this works. Because she "speaks" stress in her work environment, she assumes it's that way for those that do what I do as well. She SPEAKS stress, she SEES stress, she FEELS stress and, in my opinion, stress will END her position with this company within a few more months, if that long.
Here's another thing that I have noticed about this situation: my supervisor CREATES stress in this work environment and it's not producing positive results for her. I have observed that my co-workers do not respect her nor do they respond well to her. I'm not trying to over-simplify this but, one main reason this happens is because "what goes up, must come down" or, in other words, she is getting back what she is putting out.
What about you?
Take a moment and write down some descriptions of your life. Break it down to descriptions of your typical day if you prefer. Use "descriptive" words (adjectives) on this list and see what you come up with as you do so. Don't think too much about it...just "brainstorm" and write down what honestly comes to mind.
How do you feel about what you discovered with this list?
This can become a vicious cycle in which YOUR stress can cause stress to others around you which, in turn, can cause YOU stress and on and on it can go.
You may not agree with me and that's o.k. But, can I get you to at least consider what I'm saying to be true? Try this - and I mean REALLY give it your best shot - and see what begins to happen. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS which, in turn will CHANGE YOUR WORDS and your ACTIONS.
Yeah, again, I acknowledge that this is easier said than done but, listen, stop trying to fit everything into our "microwave-mentality" culture. THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME but, if you really put the effort into this, I believe that you will see positive results pretty quickly.
CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS: Make an even stronger effort to immerse yourself with positive information. Stop watching the news and start listening to positive recordings as well as begin reading more positive articles. Hey, just turn the television OFF and see what happens. Consciously "chase out" any negative thoughts that begin to try to find a home in your mind. DO NOT allow it to do that...chase it off!
CHANGE YOUR WORDS: Changing your thoughts will begin to change your speech! You will begin to THINK more before spewing out some negative poison and your words will follow your thoughts and become more positive. And, by changing your thoughts and words, you will also begin to...
CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS:  You haven't forgotten the message from the last article already, have you? "Your feet will follow your mouth!" Once you begin to think differently (more positive) and you begin to talk differently (more positive and encouraging) then, it will not be long before your ACTIONS themselves begin to change. What you "put out" will become more positive and productive and, YES, you will begin to see this having a positive impact on those around you. If you are in any kind of management or supervisory position you will actually see more positive actions and, believe it or not, more positive production from your team.
Hey, you can choose to give this a try and see what happens or you can keep getting what you are getting from what you are doing. What's that definition of "insanity" again? "Doing the same things over and  over again and expecting different results."
So, as always, it's up to YOU.
Choose wisely, friend. Your "life" really does depend on it.
Until next time...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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