Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Tip #1: Get Your Head Out of Your Phone!

Well, here we are...beginning a new year together!
I hope that you had the chance to read my last article that I put together as a special "New Year's Week" article. If not, I want to encourage you to go back to the article before this one and read it and apply it to your life. Here  is to you and my wishes for your best year ever in 2015!
What I'd like to do now is to offer a few tips that may help that wish to become a reality in your life. They are not "life changing" as far as "big moves" go and, because of that, many will ignore and overlook what it is that I'm sharing. However, at the same time, they CAN be VERY "big moves" because they will require a definite change in your attitude and actions.
The week before Christmas, I went into the local revenue office to renew the tags on the license plate of my car. As is usually the case, I drew a number and sat, waiting for when my number would be called. Now, I have to tell you, "people watching" is one of my favorite things to do and, this day would be no exception.
There were two numbers before mine and, when the first of those two numbers were called, no one moved. I looked around and noticed two ladies who had their attention focused on their phones and, from what I could deduct, one of these two had the number being called. I was sitting close to the "window" that the workers were behind and I mentioned to the lady that had called out the number that I didn't think that anyone heard her. She called it out a second time and, still, no reaction. I finally looked over toward where the two ladies were sitting and called out the number.
It was as if I had sent the lady a text myself and she finally saw it! She awoke out of her "texting fog" and came to the window to take care of her business.
The second of the two ladies was not quite so responsive when her number was called. After the worker had called her number two times, she finally got up to walk toward the desk, never taking her attention away from her phone. As she approached the desk, she never looked up or acknowledged the worker behind the desk but, instead, simply put her papers on the counter and pushed them toward the worker.
I could see the look of "you've got to be kidding me" on the worker's face as she looked up at the young lady standing before her, all of her attention focused on her phone. After waiting for a few seconds, and still not receiving the appropriate attention to the task at hand, the worker cleared her throat and said, "Excuse you have the REST of the papers that you need?"
I'm sure you have seen similar situations, haven't you?
I simply refuse to attempt any type of conversation with someone that is focused on their phone. Friends, whether you agree or not, that type of action is rude and shows no respect to the person across from you.
Are YOU guilty of such?
I hope not but, at the same time, in this world of instant gratification and immediate communication, it is likely that you have been caught in this trap at one time or another.
Here's my simple tip for you for this new year - GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR PHONE!
That's a simple and alternative way to say, "Pay more attention to the world that is around you." Too many people spend too much attention to someone that they can't even see at the moment when, at the same time, there is so much to see and experience that is right before their very eyes.
Determine now to give those around you the proper respect that they deserve. And, yes, at the same time, do now allow yourself to be disrespected by others that refuse to do so.
ENGAGE with your world as it goes by day by day. Again, once gone it can never be regained, relived or replenished.
When do you start? Start NOW, at this very moment and see what happens.
Join me as I discuss another tip for you in this new year in the next article. But, until then, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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