Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year's Tip #3: Do More and Less

While considering what I wanted to share with you for the third - and final - tip of this first week of the New Year, I came up with the idea of, "Smile More - Argue Less".
That's a pretty good idea and tip, wouldn't you agree? Couldn't we ALL benefit from following this idea? It was a good start but I felt that I needed to expand on it a little more so I began to look for a graphic to use that might hep spark something more for this thought. The result? The graphic that you see above that will serve as the foundation of today's article.
Now, along with this blog, I also want to encourage you to listen to the podcast (click either of the two links below for the podcast) and share both this article AND the podcast with as many people as possible. Even though it is on the same topic, there is always additional material due to the fact that the two are done at different times and there is not a script.
Too, if you haven't done so yet, go back and read/listen to the first two "Tips for the New Year" that came right before this one. Read them and then take the time to implement these as part of your daily routine.
My third tip for the New Year is to DO MORE by DOING LESS.
That's right, there are things that we all need to INCREASE in our lives as well as things that we all need to DECREASE in our lives. Follow along with the graphic above...
FEAR LESS - HOPE MORE: Instead of the word, "hope", I decided to go with the word, "BELIEVE". Beyond hope there has to be a belief that is based on our preparation. Don't allow the fear of failure to paralyze you from moving forward. Develop (yes, it will take practice and training) the ability to downplay the perceived fear and to go more strongly with your BELIEF about your ability and your future.
EAT LESS - CHEW MORE: Here's my take on this phrase...enjoy life and take the time to savor every "bite" of it as it comes your way! You don't have to necessarily take in EVERYTHING that life has to offer (if that's even possible) in order to enjoy what surrounds you every day. "Chew more" is to simply ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE and get every bit of flavor and "taste" that there is from the life that you live.
WHINE LESS - BREATHE MORE: Who WOULDN'T agree that our world could do with a lot less whining? However, the thing is, we usually want to talk about everyone else that is doing the whining. Yet, my guess is, there is likely some whining that you involve yourself in that you may not want to admit. Hey friend, we ALL - myself included - could do a whole lot less whining and complaining. "Breathe more" or, simply, TAKE A BREATH and approach whatever the situation is with a different mindset. Whining or complaining doesn't really solve anything. If it is something that really bothers you THAT much, approach it in a way that will help you find a solution. You may also find that it's really not that important after all. If so, drop it and walk away. Whatever you do...stop the whining.
TALK LESS - SAY MORE: I've dedicated a whole podcast and blog article to this in the past. Choose your thoughts and words carefully to the point that, when you decide to speak, you actually have something that others will want to hear. Otherwise, it just becomes more "noise pollution" in a world that is already "over-polluted" with such noise. When you begin to conquer and accomplish this task, you will find that you actually will say MORE by saying LESS!
And finally, LOVE MORE: I believe that it all starts with believing in yourself and loving yourself more. No, I'm not talking about a selfish and self-centered approach to life. What I AM talking about is understanding that you are a person of worth and value. It is you understanding that you DO actually deserve a better life for you and your loved ones. It is understanding and believing that you DO have the ability - what it takes - to make such improvements in and for your life. Doing so will allow you to truly appreciate and love those around you more.
And, once more, back to the beginning...always remember to SMILE MORE! Each and every day, practice the art of smiling more and see what happens.
Don't procrastinate on these - DO THEM NOW! Don't wait - INCORPORATE them into your daily activities today.
And as you do so, whatever you do, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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