Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yeah, YOU! This closely ties in with the last blog article and podcast so, if you haven't read it yet, take a moment and do that. Go on. I'm waiting. 😏

Hear this loud and clear, friend - YOU ARE AWESOME! Don't forget that - don't EVER doubt and/or forget that!

Here's the #1 reason as to why this is true about you: You are the ONLY YOU that exists on the face of this wonderful planet called Earth! That's right - there is NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU!

I don't care if you even have an "identical" twin - they are not you and are not uniquely you! (Um, think about they have the same fingerprint as you? NOPE!)

Because this fact is true - You are, indeed, AWESOME!

No one else can do the things that you can do. No one else "brings to the table" the qualities and talents that you do. Why? Because NO ONE ELSE CAN!

Do you get that? Stop doubting that. Grab hold of this wonderful fact and let it cause you to stand strong and proud! No, I'm not telling you to get egotistical about all of this. This is not to give you a "big head". Get it?

However, you do need to take PRIDE in the fact that God created you to be uniquely YOU. That's right...out of the millions of people that have lived before, that live now and that will ever live - YOU are and will be the only YOU that will ever inhabit this Earth!

You have the gift (that's right, YOU and your unique talents and abilities are a GIFT to you and to the world around you) to accomplish what no one else can accomplish. All because of the TRUE FACT that YOU are UNIQUELY YOU!

Now, get out there and don't forget to BE AWESOME!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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