Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Gift of PEACE

I'm not sure that there is any greater gift that a person can give - either to themselves or others - than the gift of PEACE.

What does that mean for you and how do you go about accomplishing this in your life and in the lives of those around you?

I am convinced that one of the best ways (if not THE best way) to give yourself the gift of peace is to IMPROVE YOUR POSITIVE MINDSET. That's right...get rid of the negativity and the worry (as much as possible) and replace it with positivity and confidence. 

No, I'm not suggesting that you will be able to rid your life of EVERY single worry but I AM saying that increasing the positive influence in your life will help greatly diminish worry and it's "power" over your life. 

When you increase this level of positive influence in your life then, by it's very nature, you also spread that to those around you. Instead of worrying about jobs, being out of work or the politics that go on at the workplace, you are able to develop a sense of calm - and peace - by understanding that YOU actually have a lot more power over these things than you may have first thought. These things don't mean that it's "the end of the world". You begin to understand and apply the idea that "As long as there is breath, there is hope!". 

When YOU are calm and peaceful it becomes contagious. Those around you (family, friends) begin to "absorb" the "calm energy" that you exude and it helps bring a sense of peace to these other people around you. 

Another of the great ways to bring peace into your life and FOR your life is to do so financially

Money - or the lack of it - is one of the greatest stress generators in our lives today. It is responsible for more relationship problems than anything else. (Let me just throw in here before I move on...increasing your positive influence like we've been discussing can also help greatly in THIS area!). 

I mentioned in the podcast that goes along with today's article two sources to help guide you in this area. I suggested that you check out Dani Johnson and what she offers in this area by going to . I also suggest that you check out Dave Ramsey at

And, finally, by improving your positive mindset you have the ability to bring peace to yourself and your family (as well as friends and co-workers) by just becoming a better - more positive - person overall. Think about that. When ANYONE becomes less negative and more positive, THINGS ALWAYS IMPROVE!

Yeah, you know that's true!

Examine this for yourself. Get out a piece of paper and brainstorm this in the different areas of your life where you feel that peace is absent. What can YOU do to change that? 

And, friend, may you enjoy the "Gift of Peace" during this special time of the year.

Until next year, whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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